Apr. 27th, 2010

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It's probably cheating to make meta-posts like this, but hey, it will help me to remember the backlog of things I want to post instead of just sitting here in front of a blank screen not being able to call to mind what was on my list! Behind the cut are some ideas for stuff I might talk about in the next three weeks. You're very welcome to express preferences or suggest things you'd like to hear about that I haven't thought of. I'll happily write a tailormade opinion on just about anything, I always enjoy that kind of thing.

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Anything else I've forgotten? Any requests?

Anyway, to save this post from being all meta and no content, you should all go and play with this contact survey. It's a proper science experiment (I know one of the scientists involved), but it also gives you a cute little gizmo to post to Facebook or DW with a pretty network diagram, and a which X are you most like badge. Yesterday I was at a scientific meeting and met an awful lot of people, so it told me that my most similar celebrity was Nick Clegg. Fun, and also useful :-)


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