Oct. 6th, 2011

liv: In English: My fandom is text obsessed / In Hebrew: These are the words (words)
So the start of the academic year coincided with the start of the new year in the Jewish calendar (5772). This has made my life incredibly intense, but it's been very positive.

they look so young! )

Anyway, overall I'm feeling pretty satisfied and not too stressed. But note that I didn't manage to post this at the weekend because although I had plenty of free time, I ended up spending nearly all of it vegging out, I was just too tired to put DW posts together, let alone do any of the productive and useful things I'd planned for my rare days off.

Yom Kippur starts tomorrow evening; it's going to be a bit tough going straight into the liturgy from a very busy day of teaching, and apart from anything else I barely have time to eat before the fast begins. But I am getting help from the wonderful [personal profile] hatam_soferet, which will make it far less daunting. Plus she actually can sing, which may help to mitigate the issue that everybody wants incompatible and impossible things out of the musical aspects of the service. Have an easy fast and a good conclusion if applicable, and I'll virtually see you on the other side.


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