Nov. 6th, 2012

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Another brief link update post, because I'm note quite squeezing all of my life into the available hours at the moment, but here are things more people should see.

There's a meme going round where you take a fandom and pick people you'd have various kinds of interactions with, if the characters existed in your mundane life. A bit like an extended version of shag-marry-cliff, I suppose. Well, [ profile] sovay and [ profile] nineweaving have been doing this with Shakespeare characters, which I thought some of you might appreciate.

Also, [community profile] vorkosigan is trying to play Sorting Hat with the saga characters. Leading to some really nice, detailed meta about both Vorkosiverse and the Harry Potter houses.
I probably shouldn't put on Twitter that I spent the night in A&E without expanding at greater than 140 characters length. Primarily, I am perfectly fine, honest, it was just a minor mishap. Which means that it's a thankfully not terribly interesting story.

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So in short, that really could have been a lot worse, and the NHS has done me proud in several respects.
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Everybody already agrees that the Daily Mail is a terrible newspaper, and Melanie Phillips is a terrible journalist. However, her recent article about the Liverpool Care Pathway hits a new low of deeply, deeply irresponsible journalism with very real social effects. I'm not going to link to the article, but the title pretty much says it all: No Care Pathway – killing people doctors deem worthless

As a result of this lazy, ignorant, misleading article, there has been considerable discussion of the issues of end-of-life care. I started discussing it on Twitter with [ profile] nanayasleeps, and realized that what I wanted to say about it doesn't really fit on Twitter. [ profile] nanayasleeps linked to Tom Chivers' response to Phillips excrementally awful article, which is reasonable enough in itself, but people seem to be interpreting it as contributing to a debate about the decision to cease life-prolonging medical interventions. That's not actually what the Liverpool Care Pathway is about.

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So there you go; no matter what your moral views are on this extremely delicate issue, it's got to be better to have the facts available rather than horrible, utterly misleading scaremongering.


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