Mar. 13th, 2013

liv: Composite image of Han Solo and Princess Leia, labelled Hen Solo (gender)
Author: Hanne Blank

Details: (c) 2012 Hanne Blank; Pub Beacon Press 2012; ISBN 978-0-8070-4459-9

Verdict: Straight has some interesting ideas but overall is a bit rambly and anecdotal.

Reasons for reading it: I've been a fan of Hanne Blank's various online incarnations for some years now (though her current blog is nothing like as outstanding as her old LJ and a couple of other defunct projects), and I really loved her previous popular history of sexuality, Virgin. Plus I am definitely interested in the topic of a history of heterosexuality.

How it came into my hands: Bought new. I ended up getting it from Amazon because no non-Amazon shops were selling it in any sensible way.

detailed review )

Unfortunately, I think Straight may be one of those books where the title is rather cooler than the actual content. There's some good stuff in Straight, I did learn something, but I feel pretty unsatisfied overall. I think my best bet is going to be to read some of the sources in the (pleasantly extensive) bibliography, particularly Jonathan Katz' The invention of heterosexuality which Blank acknowledges as a major influence.


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