Mar. 30th, 2015

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Reasons for watching it I'd seen trailers for it and thought I would probably enjoy it as the excerpts seemed funny and cute and well animated. Though I also thought it might be too annoying, not cos it's pitched at children but because it relies too heavily on cringe humour. And there was some amount of buzz on Twitter about a DreamWorks film with a POC as a protagonist and with Rihanna voicing the lead, which was another thing that encouraged me to see the film.

Circumstances of watching it We let the six-year-old pick the film this time :-) I had been ill all week and was just out of quarantine in time to come to the film as originally planned; I'd have been really disappointed to miss it. So I went back to the Light cinema yesterday afternoon with [personal profile] jack and [personal profile] cjwatson and [ profile] ghoti and their younger two, and we watched the film and then went to the Indian buffet in the cineplex and it was generally a really nice way to celebrate being better.

Verdict Home II (Worlds Collide) is amazingly sweet and original and a whole lot more fun than I was expecting.

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