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Date: 2008-05-09 07:02 pm (UTC)
Taltos is not my favourite of them, it is doing a certain kind of enjoyable and necessary backfill but it does not have any of the really amazing Moments of Revelation that are in others of the series. [ As I understand what [livejournal.com profile] skzb has said of the Long-Term Plan, Taltos and The Final Contract will be chronological bookends to the whole cycle, so nineteen books in total, all working out. ] I do think it would fail markedly as a first one to read, largely because of really not having any sufficient clue in it as to the given-in-Jhereg reason why these powerful people put up with this annoying Easterner brat. I also suspect that Vlad's surname is not coincidence and that Brust is doing something sneaky with the meaning of taltos as seen in Brokedown Palace.

My habit of rereading the whole series before new ones is a defensive reaction, at this point, to my reactions to Orca, Dragon and Issola all being various scales of "gleep, he was doing that ? Wow. I need to go back and see how he made it all fit together"; if I am going to do that anyway, I might as well do it in advance and have the stories all fresh in my mind when I hit the new one. Though Dzur I reread them all before, and it still made me have that reaction, so.
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