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Haven't managed to post anything since I started back at work after the New Year break. During that time I have:
  • Visited [personal profile] angelofthenorth in Cardiff
  • Hosted [personal profile] khalinche for a truly delightful couple of days
  • Made a flying visit to Cambridge for [personal profile] jack's birthday / engagement party
  • Heard a fascinating but rant-inducing talk by Simon Baron-Cohen
  • Had a visit from my parents, uncle and grandmother
  • Heard a really good talk about the Staffordshire Hoard
  • Marked dozens of exam papers
  • Seen an urban fox
  • Helped represent the Jewish community at a whole bunch of Holocaust Memorial Day events
  • Saw Star Wars for the first time (only the original film, now called episode IV, as yet)
  • Continued going to the gym regularly with [ profile] mathcathy
And [personal profile] jack has been staying with me, which is probably the biggest reason for spending less time on the internet than I sometimes like to.

I have built up a huge queue of posts in my head, including my thoughts about many of the above events, but I also want to post about:
  • Reviews of Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Infidel, Stephen King's The Liar and Jo Walton's Among Others
  • Finishing the 10-day countdown meme
  • Answering deep questions people have been posting about relationships
  • Answering the final, giant FAQ about getting engaged, namely: what are the political implications of your decision?
  • A retrospective of 2010; I always do that, every year, and although it'll be February by the time I get to it I'd feel bad about not doing it at all...
Sorry for the bullet points instead of a post. I am very much enjoying 2011 so far, but wow.

I also have a small logistical problem: there is a sofa. It belongs to my brother's partner. They (brother and SO) want it in the long term. Right now it does not physically fit in their living room. I have no sofa, but I do have plenty of space. My brother and sister-out-law would like to long-term lend me their sofa. Sofa is currently in their flat in Hackney. How do I get the sofa from there to my house in Stoke? I'm happy to throw money at the problem, but, you know, preferably not more than the value of the sofa!
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