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[personal profile] ephemera wanted me to talk about childhood memories of food. If there's one thing I've learnt from this meme it's that I'm not cut out to be a food blogger, but I'll have a go.

My earliest food memory, and very nearly my earliest memory at all, is celebrating my third birthday in a hotel in Rhodes. There was a ceiling mirror, and we ate a gateau with lots of cream and tinned clementines.

Rare treats when my grandmother was babysitting, and she would break Mum's strict rule against frying and make us pamps, a sort of fried batter thing, I can't remember what they're called in Yiddish that's better known outside my family.

My mother used to make those decorative birthday cakes, everything from a chocolate cat to a fairy castle. It was always the most exciting thing to have one of those for your birthday!

My first ever cup of tea, when my sister and I had gone swimming and walked from the pool to my (other) grandmother's house with wet hair and not enough clothes for the weather. Seeing that we were shivering and possibly on the edge of hypothermic, Granny made us a cup of very milky tea with sugar.

The amazing icecream parlour in Queenscliff, Victoria, the first time I'd experienced choosing from dozens of flavours.

Visiting my best friend in her native Spain and drinking horchata, which is a strange sweet drink made from pressing beans, tigernuts in the kind I encountered. Breaking my newly decided vegetarianism for the sake of trying roast lamb in a tiny village in central Spain that's famous for it.

Various trips to France and living on viande hachée aux frites, like a really nice burger and chips that was the staple of children's menus. One year we visited over my birthday instead of in the summer, and discovered galette des Rois, Epiphany cake.

The time when Mum's go-to fancy dessert was îles flottantes, with meringues floating in custard and garnished with caramel. It's amazingly fiddly, but so very very tasty.

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