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So my brother is trying to set up his own mail server as an act of resistance against the NSA. I have some doubts as to whether this is actually a worthwhile trade-off of political effect compared to effort, but anyway. He says:
I don't think I need massive expertise. I have a plan to set up a server and host email for myself and a few others and store stuff. I figured if I could teach my computer to send and receive email through mutt or sendmail, I'd have the skill. but before I start destroying people's lives by fucking up their emails, I thought I ought to learn how to do it.

Does anyone have any advice or can point Screwy to some relevant resources? I believe his computer dual-boots in Debian and Windows, but I wouldn't swear to that.

This is only related in the sense that I'm asking for advice from people with a particular area of expertise, on behalf of someone else. I have a really awesome new neighbour, who invited me in for a cup of tea and we ended up chatting for hours. Turns out her previous post was in Sweden so we had plenty to talk about comparing experiences. (Living here is a bit like being on a college staircase, in that all the other residents are also members of staff at the same university, so there's a strong assumption we will have a lot in common. I never really got to know my neighbours in my old place.)

Anyway, this neighbour is a bit disillusioned with academia, and is thinking of moving to the Civil Service. I know a few of you have made that leap, [ profile] shreena and [personal profile] lavendersparkle come to mind, and there's probably a couple more I've forgotten. Can you offer any advice for my neighbour? Please email or PM me if you don't want to comment on a public post. She's particularly interested in whether the Fast Stream route makes sense or even applies if you're 30 rather than straight out of uni. She's a geologist and would be interested in energy policy related stuff, and also wants the chance to travel to or even work in Europe.
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