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I was doing so well, managed to post every day up to Boxing Day, and then I fell off the wagon. It's for a good reason, though, cos I've been having the most amazing weekend celebrating my 36th birthday.

Saturday we had a party and lots of people I really like showed up, in spite of really horrendous transport doom in London. My sister (who wasn't present) made me 36 square pieces of gingerbread to mark being a square number of years, and we had fun eating them in ways to keep them arranged in squares for as long as possible. We got to meet [personal profile] morwen's brother and [personal profile] kaberett's boything. However one friend had not quite registered that it was supposed to be an afternoon party rather than an evening party, and showed up at 11 pm. I was so pleased to see her and have a chance to catch up that I ended up talking to her instead of writing my post for that day.

Then Sunday we celebrated the second half of Granny's 95th birthday. The first half had been on the day itself, Boxing Day, when we travelled up to Brighton for a roast dinner hosted by my brother Screwy. Whereas yesterday we had a tea-party at my parents', with my other brother, Thuggish Poet, present plus a few of Granny's local friends. It was especially nice to see both my brothers, albeit consecutively! [personal profile] cjwatson and [ profile] ghoti came over to ours for the evening, and I wanted to spend time with them more than I wanted to catch up with DW posts, so. It definitely felt like the whole weekend was my birthday this year!

Anyway, on 27th if I hadn't been busy turning 36, I was going to write about owls, as requested by [personal profile] jack, and this is fairly short so I can squeeze it in now. Basically my other grandmother had a small number of owl ornaments, and somehow they came to me when she died in 1991. So ever since then I've considered myself to "collect" owls. My approach is that whenever I visit a new place, either as a tourist or to spend time there, I try to buy one owl as a souvenir of that place. This prevents me from acquiring masses of owls I don't have space for, and also prevents me from being tempted by random tourist tat because I know I'm specifically looking for an owl for my collection. And I've ended up with a few dozen owls, each of which has a story because it reminds me of a particular place.

Of course if you are known to like owls, people give you owl-themed things. So I have a fair number of owls which are gifts rather than things I've bought for myself. I'm really enjoying having space in our house to display them all! I should note, please don't go out of your way to buy me owls and owl-themed things, they are nice to have but I am not at all desperate to own more than I already do.

There's an owl on our illustrated wedding contract, and we ended up adding a big fluffy cat to reference the Lear poem about the Owl and the Pussycat and their wedding, and to make it more of a joint thing for me and J and not just mine, though he doesn't really have a particular animal he's associated with in the same way. And [personal profile] jack's friend [ profile] fishpi gave us a teapot decorated with the same Owl and the Pussycat as a wedding present, while [personal profile] forestofglory made me an owl teacosy a while back. So that's another association for owls.

There's a certain style of graphics that's in at the moment, with somewhat cute, brightly coloured, semi-cartoon pictures of birds. So I find myself drawn to the ones that are owls rather than songbirds, and I managed to find a rather nice owl patterned satchel-style handbag in a market in Ludlow while we were visiting there over the summer, so I'm using that at the moment. Also [personal profile] hatam_soferet found me some owl necklaces in Claires when owls were fashionable with the young teen set, so I wear those sometimes.

And this year [personal profile] lethargic_man send me an extremely cute owl carved out of horn for my birthday present, which I'm really charmed by, cos he's not generally a spontaneous sweet gesture sort of person, so that felt really special.

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