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Well, I managed to finish the December Days meme better than I'd expected! One day I posted late, and then I missed two days right at the end of the month, so I've been behind since then. But I've completed 29 of my 31 prompts. The 30th will be [personal profile] zhelana's request for your favorite moment of the month, which I'll cover today, and I think I'll skip [personal profile] jack's request for talking about board games because I already made a similar post about games and gaming.

I've had some pretty good times this month, as well as being horribly busy. Some real work successes, one of the best lectures I've ever given (they finally let me get my mitts on the foundational cell cycle lecture for first years, which is a topic I was really able to get my teeth into, and it got a great response). And lots of really satisfying one-to-one meetings with students where I'd clearly facilitated them in working out something important which will improve how they go through the course.

Anyway, my second favourite moment is coming home the evening of 20th December. I'd run a really successful chanukah party at synagogue, and all the travel connections worked unusually well, so it was before 9 rather than 10:30-11 as I'd estimated. And I was tired and really ready for a break after a long term, but also kind of satisfied that I'd achieved most of what I wanted to work-wise and with the community volunteering. That happy state of knowing I had a couple of weeks of vacation ahead of me, not fully time off work, I've been working from home in between the public holidays, but marking and reading are a lot easier than teaching and meetings. So I walked in through the front door of our house (our house!) and there were some people I really like, just starting to get into the swing of [personal profile] jack's Christmas party. J had put up proper Christmas decorations, which is a thing I don't really care about but it was somehow charming to see our place with tinsel and fairy lights and his dear little optic fibre Christmas tree. There were lots of hugs and people who were pleasd to see me show up earlier than I'd said.

My birthday a week later was perhaps even better, but that wasn't exactly a single moment.

Anyway, happy new year to all of you! I went to the traditional north Cambridge NYE party, where I drank port and dessert wine with bubbles (that's one very Liv-friendly drink, oh my goodness) and talked to interesting people. We had a fit of productivity just before the party and unpacked my dresses that have been languishing in a case since we moved in, and I thought, why not, and put on a shiny OTT one. I had to make a minor repair to it first, very minor indeed but I had been blocked on it because I'm really intimidated by sewing. So I had a Dress with a tight, slightly rigid, shiny purple bodice that does interesting things for my cleavage, and a big foofy black skirt with several layers of petticoats. It's a bit long to walk in but it garnered me a lot of very pleasing compliments. I wasn't the only one who had dressed up so there were plenty of other pretty people to admire, notably [personal profile] khalinche in a marvellous corset and [ profile] atreic and [personal profile] emperor in reverse-matched purple and black.

We did the midnight thing, a little half-heartedly in some ways, but there was holding hands in a circle and listening to the radio announcing midnight and playing the recording of Big Ben's bongs, and singing Auld Lang Syne, and drinking fizzy wine, and kissing, even if we did all of those somewhat in a random pile all at once instead of sequentially. I stayed a little while enjoying the party, but not until absurdly late, and walked home admiring the stars and being a little bit tipsily romantic.

This morning I got up about noon, not especially hungover but slightly jetlagged from sleeping 3 am to noon instead of midnight to 8. My wonderful husband made me an elaborate and delicious cooked breakfast while I was still blearily caffeinating myself and browsing bits of Yuletide. So I reckon 2015 has started pretty well!
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