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I do very much love my friends. The minute I post even slightly meepy things to DW, lots of people get in touch. And if there's one thing that cheers me up it's getting to talk to my friends! Thank you so much to everybody who left helpful, supportive comments on my post. Now I have actual plans for meeting up with [personal profile] withagreatlove, and have made some progress towards plans with [personal profile] khalinche. I had some really cheering conversations with [personal profile] hatam_soferet and [ profile] rysmiel and [ profile] ghoti, and I've started talking to people a bit about means other than email to keep in touch.

And then at the weekend I was back in Cambridge where my people are, even if only briefly, and that helped to fix my mood the rest of the way. [personal profile] jack had a gathering at the Haymakers to celebrate his birthday with friends, having spent the actual day of with his family. I drank Pickled Pig cider and ate tasty pizza and lots of people I really enjoy talking to, as well as a few people I hadn't met before. I got very extrovert-happy by the end of the afternoon, I was squeaky with excitement to see people, and holding forth a bit about work stuff and Jewish community politics. If you've not seen me like that I talk pretty much like I write ranty blog posts, loudly and with more jokes and gesticulating.

In the evening I went to Restaurant 22 with [personal profile] jack and [ profile] ghoti. The experience was completely perfect, relaxing and with excellent service of the kind that is so good you almost don't notice it's being provided. Of course the thoroughly excellent company helped; we just talked about all kinds of interesting things without any interruptions to deal with anything mundane.

The food was... very nice indeed, but less exciting than the previous time I ate there. I had a veggie starter I really enjoyed, mainly butternut squash and rice and just really interesting accompaniments and combinations of flavours and textures, including some little squares about the dimensions of stamps, which basically acted like two mouthfuls of toasted cheese. There was only one veggie main course, described as a vegetable strudel. The centrepiece of the dish was the most disappointing part of the meal, I think primarily because I expect strudel to be made of filo pastry and this was a better version of the kind of rather heavy greasy stuff you get in chain pie shops, and the filling was again nice but didn't have a very distinctive flavour. The accompaniments, including really tiny amounts of some very nice salsa, were delicious, though. Dessert was a very good ginger and cranberry cheesecake, but I actually liked the palate cleanser, a passionfruit sorbet, even better. We decided not to have wine with the meal, partly cos we'd been in the pub all afternoon anyway, but with three of us who like that kind of thing, it made sense to buy a whole bottle of dessert wine, so we finished up with a very tasty French Muscat, let me go and look it up... 2010 Cazes Muscat de Rivesaltes, it's called.

Sunday I just woke up feeling really relaxed and contented. We took the opportunity to have a pretty relaxed day, a bit of sitting companionably drinking tea and chatting and reading the internet, a low-effort lunch. In the afternoon [ profile] ghoti and [personal profile] cjwatson and their B came over to play bridge. Which meant we got to use our new exciting card table, which has a green cover with adorable little suit symbols. It was a really nice casual game, we weren't even keeping score but we were all trying to improve our play, and we had a couple of interesting hands.

And I met my new cohort of students, dear little first years, this morning, and to nobody's surprise teaching is a lot more fun and satisfying than marking.

Also [ profile] ghoti made me some gloves for my birthday, and they are awesome because they have subtle owls knitted into them. So now I can go around with owls on my warm hands, this is very pleasing.
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