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More of a linkspam really...

Recently read:
  • [personal profile] slashmarks wrote a rather brilliantly chilling original short story: Appalachian Gothic.

  • Via [ profile] diceytillerman: American health authorities have proposed renaming CFIDS/ME to Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease. So possibly of direct interest to several people reading this; I suspect what'll happen is that the disease will end up with the completely unwieldy acronym of CFIDS/ME/SEID. But at least having exertion intolerance in the name might help to avoid the assumption that what people with ME need is more exercise. And something with intolerance disease in the name sounds maybe more serious than fatigue syndrome.

  • From lots of people on Twitter, so perhaps you've all seen this already, but here's a really interesting bit of history about how the Monty Hall probability problem came to be well known. I knew the paradox but didn't know the history.

  • In answer to my question about how slinkies work, [personal profile] seekingferret mentioned an XKCD What-if, which in turn led me to this really awesome 1953 paper: On Slinky: The dynamics of a loose, heavy spring. I am completely charmed by the image of these dons wandering around Trinity College timing slinkies with stop-watches.

    Currently reading: Still Clive Barker's Imajica. It's a long book, but if I were reading at the speed that was typical before last year I'd have taken perhaps a month over it, not two months to get through a third of it. But anyway, I'm enjoying it even if I'm reading slowly.

    Also there's more Pessimized twenty questions game going on a couple of posts back :-)

    Up next: [ profile] ghoti lent me The shambling guide to New York City by Mur Lafferty.

    She also linked to this rather fun-looking book challenge, which I'm quite taken by. Though annoyingly it's an image of text, I hate those. Shall try to transcribe it if I can grab a moment.

    So if I'm looking for a book I own but haven't read, possibly Tea with the black dragon by RA MacAvoy, which has been on my to-read list for a while. I think it's unlikely I'll read 26 books in 2015, but it seems nice to use this as a guide for what to read next.
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    Oh that's quite cute! Maybe I will do that after I'm done with Hugo-eligibles.


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