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Date: 2017-01-25 12:44 am (UTC)
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This probably isn't the type of answer you wanted, but the best solution imo is probably to give them the money.

Not necessarily individually -- two hundred and fifty thousand pounds divided by ten thousand doesn't come out to much -- but, ask the residents to come up with a plan/vote on what they want the money to be used for. They're going to know better than people of a different socioeconomic class who don't live in the community what the actual needs of the population are, and it's going to depend on their specific problems.

Eg. It might be that the people in the community are spending an inordinate amount of money on food because the only businesses in walking distance that sell it are overpriced corner stores, for instance, or that there are major issues with employment in the community because of a lack of transportation services, but you're not going to know that kind of thing without more detail, and the answer isn't going to be the same in every community. What's useful where it's needed is wasteful or actively harmful where it's not.

(It strikes me in particular that the neighborhood I currently live in, which is impoverished, recently had a major political campaign to stop the creation of new (eta: chain) businesses in the area - because that comes with gentrification, the destruction of cheap housing, and the eviction of residents who are seen as bringing down the neighborhood quality. I was at a march Saturday that included the chant "keep the hood affordable.")
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