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Date: 2017-02-05 10:25 pm (UTC)
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I had hoped that the NHS would resist that, but I've heard no mention of it if they did.

Successive Home Secretaries - not all of them Conservative - have put pressure on the Police to record the immigration status of everyone they interview. The Chief Constables had, until two years ago, refused to co-operate with that: their view had been that anyone can approach the Police and report a crime, without fear that they'll be asked a question that might lead to deportation.

Now potential witnesses no longer fear that an encounter with the police and the courts might lead to deportation: they know it will.

I do not doubt that we will now see adults and children left unregistered with a GP, and kept from hospital until their condition is perceived as even more dangerous than detention and deportation.

This will play out very badly indeed when multiple-resistant tuberculosis - or XDR-tuberculosis - comes visiting from the Indian subcontinent or Eastern European countries with unwelcome guests from Russia.

I fear that the authors of this policy look forward to the political gains that can be made, inflaming xenophobia with alarmist propaganda about foreigners in festering slums eagerly infecting our loved ones with deadly diseases.

I may, of course, be unduly cynical - frankly, uncharitable - in ascribing such a motive. But the best interpretation is that Mrs May, and who are collaborating in this, are worse than *very* stupid.
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