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Date: 2017-04-20 11:32 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ewt
I wouldn't call myself a Labour supporter, exactly, but the National Minimum Wage Act was a thing that they did that was good (if insufficient). That's ages ago, though, and probably not a cat that can be reinserted into the bag.

More recently, their voting record on same sex marriage, ending Section 28, issues affecting trans people, etc is a lot better than the Tories. (LibDems do even better in this, but I don't think they have a chance of forming a majority government.)

I'm given to understand that EMA (education maintenance allowance) was a good thing; it's been scrapped in England, but not Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland.

I don't know who was originally responsible for legal aid, but looking at the voting record for the reductions in that would be good (I do not have time/energy to do this now but I am writing it here partly to remind myself, or in case someone else knows offhand).

I also wonder about things like Access to Work and Disabled Student Allowance -- again, I'm not sure when these came in, I don't know who to give credit to, but I'd like to look at the voting record for when they have been removed/diminished. Reducing out-of-work benefits for disabled people while also reducing support that helps some of us work was a particularly cruel move by the Tories.

My impresson (and I could be wrong) is that Labour, though some of their policies have been horrible, are less anti-human rights than Tories. But again, I'd have to look at the voting record to be sure.

Most of these issues aren't in the category of directly impacting whether disabled people end up in starvation levels of poverty, but taken together they do affect a number of disabled people.
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