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Date: 2017-05-24 11:04 am (UTC)
liv: In English: My fandom is text obsessed / In Hebrew: These are the words (words)
From: [personal profile] liv
I'm particularly noticing the Christian dominant paradigm in interfaith ATM because I've only recently started attending events without any Christians! Not that the Christian participants are doing anything wrong, they're just numerically and culturally the majority, so interfaith events default to being Christians encountering everybody else. Even the participants who are teachers in non-Christian "faith" schools (that word again!) were struggling with the way that the RE curriculum is so often starting from a Christian frame. Several commented that the view considered academically objective, and therefore appropriate for teaching without unduly influencing the children, is not objective at all, but basically Christian-centred.

I feel similarly about Yid to you; I do know some Jewish people who use it in presumably-Yiddish, but not people I'm close to and I wouldn't be at all confident to use the word myself. So if people ask me, is it ok for non-Jews to use this word, my answer would be probably not, but I'm not an expert just because I happen to be Jewish.

I think you're right about the Venn diagram, and that's a good way of thinking about discrimination as well as positive identity. And in practice people don't usually go around randomly announcing that they're Jewish, there's usually some kind of context for why they would tell you that.

And yeah, the 'white other' category is really quite unhelpful. It means that bureaucracy is putting you, me and [personal profile] ghoti_mhic_uait all in the same box, and your issues as a white, anglophone, not-that-kind-of-foreigner immigrant are very different from mine as a definitely British person who is also Jewish, and hers as a white person with somewhat complex national origins. And all three of us are in very different cases from the Polish or Bulgarian migrant who is probably more likely to be a victim of direct personal hatred, but still counts as "white other". I'm basically ticking that box because I think the monitoring is somewhat helpful for dealing with discrimination against the people read as Black or Asian, but it's definitely an imperfect tool.
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