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Date: 2017-06-23 07:25 pm (UTC)
seekingferret: Word balloon says "So I said to the guy: you never read the book yet you go online and talk about it as if--" (Default)
Yeah, I don't know. You raise some good points, and some questions I struggle with. After listening to Rabbi Dweck's lecture, I, out of some futile gesture toward open-mindedness, listened to Rabbi Bassous's rebuttal, which was almost more than I could handle. I recognize that in Rabbi Bassous's position I see little that isn't hateful homophobia, and I don't see how there could possibly be Torah in that. But I'm still aware that for GSM friends of mine, the positions that Rabbi Dweck and I have staked out (which are not quite the same, though they share a lot), are also read as homophobic.

What struck me in Rabbi Dweck's shiur that I hadn't seen laid out quite that way before was his emphasis on, as you say, the idea that in modern Western society individualized sexuality is seen as a defining characteristic of personal identity, and banning someone's identity is a quite different proposition than banning some particular behavior. Rabbi Dweck in the latter parts of his shiur expands this idea far beyond just the question of male homosexuality, to all sorts of questions about how Torah sees the relationship between sexuality and love and identity, and I feel like there is yet room for much more expansion than he managed in the scant 90 minutes he had. So it felt like he'd managed to speak to the question of homosexuality and Torah not by lecturing heterosexual Jews on how to treat homosexual Jews, and not by lecturing homosexual Jews on how to live a Torah life, but by offering a challenging musar that applied to everyone.
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