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Date: 2017-06-25 09:39 am (UTC)
lavendersparkle: (Vince and Howard)
I really disagree.

My reading of what happened was that Farron believes that any sex other than that which occurs within a mixed sex marriage is sinful. He is also a political liberal who passionately believes that the state should support people to arrange their lives based on their own beliefs and desires as long as it doesn't hurt non-consenting third parties.

During the last leadership election a rogue campaigner on Norman Lamb's team spread the idea that Farron wasn't a suitable leader because of his religious views using some underhand techniques that got him thrown out of the party. Unfortunately the mud stuck and everyone who wanted to attack Farron repeated the same attack. Farron couldn't do an interview without being asked whether he thought that gay sex was sinful. At first he pointed out that the question wasn't relevant, he tried to avoid giving a straight answer and then eventually lied and said that he didn't think it was sinful in a desperate attempt to stop this being the focus of every interview. Then Paddock resigned and I think it was the final straw that convinced Farron that no matter what he said and did it wasn't going to go away.

Now he could have tried to clear the whole thing up by turning every interview into a lecture about liberal political ideology and how it makes a politician's views on the sinfulness of an act irrelevant to their political activity. However, most of the comments I've seen about Farron's resignation confirm that a lot of people who think of themselves as liberal are no more political liberals than the DUP. They just have different views on what acts are sinful, but can't even comprehend that a politician would act to increase people's ability to engage in acts that they view as sinful.
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