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A song from your pre-teen years is a challenge for me, because I almost didn't listen to recorded music at all before I was in secondary school, and the only singing I did was in school or synagogue.

I'm probably not going to find online versions of the Jewish music I grew up with because the anglo-Reform tradition is very little recorded anywhere. I think this אין כאלהינו at least shares some musical ancestry with the one I used to get my Dad to sing to me when I was really tiny, because I liked the repetitive structure of the hymn, There is none like our God, there is none like our Lord, there is none like our king, there is none like our saviour. I think this memory is from when we still lived in my first house ie when I was under five, and being an unmusical child from an unmusical family, I didn't have a clear idea that songs were supposed to be tuneful, I thought of them as like poems but with even more obvious rhythm.

And I'm certainly not going to find a recording of the children's musical my music teacher wrote based on our learning to read system. I remember being terribly impressed that the song about the 'round' letter Oscar Orange was in the musical form of a 'round'. So there must have been a smattering of nursery rhymes, I think we had one tape at least, plus the stuff you learn as part of early school acculturation. And the obvious children's hyms from a bit older.

When we visited my cousins in Australia when I was 7 or 8, we listened to songs from the children's TV show Feathers, fur or fins. I was fond of Please don't call me a koala bear because it's about taxonomical pedantry.

So I think the choice for this item in the meme is going to have to be I should be so lucky by Kylie Minogue. I reckon I was listening to this when I was 10 or 11, so just about pre-teen. A few years later some of my classmates put on a play with a character who was really obviously a parody of me and was so uncool she listened to Kylie and even... Mozart, and I remember being offended not that my classmates thought I was uncool – that was obvious – but that one of the greats of the European classical tradition was somehow being associated with some pop singer so ephemeral that it was a social faux pas to admit to still liking her three years I'd tried to listen to her stuff in an attempt to fit in.

Honestly my immediate pre-teen years in the late 80s were a pretty terrible time for easily accessible music, as they were for fashion, (wow, look at Kylie's hair and clothes in that video!) Well, for white music at least, I was peripherally aware of Michael Jackson's Bad which is just magisterial, but it was well outside my musical context. And the alt scene, especially rock, had plenty of good stuff going on, but that's only with hindsight, as a child at the time I was almost entirely unaware of rock music, and it was still considered somewhat taboo, not respectable.

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Date: 2017-07-04 09:58 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] flippac
Huh, I was somewhat younger but I don't remember rock being that taboo in '89? It had associations, but that was the year Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure came out. Then again, I imagine there were other factors that led to cis girls being nudged away from it more at the time that aren't anywhere near as present now. Nobody was worried you might actually end up in bed with Jason a few years later.

I'm trying to remember when rap first crossed my radar too, which is a tricky one: there was some stuff played on children's TV, but unsurprisingly not NWA! The oft-manufactured pop-rap wave really started the next year though. Think I caught a little bit of acid house, but mostly in the way you dimly remember until you actually get a chance to go back and learn.

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Date: 2017-07-04 02:55 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] flippac
I hate to imagine what they made of Wayne's World! But then, I guess they couldn't admit rock music was loud noises, drugs, swearing and sex, either...

It's quite possible nobody around you was picking up on gangsta rap until circa Gangsta's Paradise, in which case they were probably more scared of what the dance and rave scenes had been putting out anyway because of the whole combination of drugs and never deciding whether angry or happy makes for a scarier subculture?


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