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A song that moves you forward. I spent ages thinking about this one, and I think the answer is To be with you by Mr Big. It's a linchpin of my 'happybouncy' playlist. I think if I were actually going through a break-up, someone telling me, don't worry, I can be with you instead, would be mostly annoying. But in a broader sense, I hear
Build up your confidence
So you can be on top for once
Wake up. Who cares about little boys
That talk too much?
not as a blandishment from someone who wants to seduce me, but as a kind of encouraging, supportive inner voice which I try to cultivate. The self-nurturing part of my own mind is allowed to call me 'little girl' in a way that some male acquaintance chatting me up definitely wouldn't be.

Also I am very, very fond of the tune and it works pretty reliably to give me energy. Sometimes what moves me forward is more poppy, sometimes it's more intense hard rock or goth music, but this really works even though it's a relatively slow, relaxed style.


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