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I know I had a big stash of topics I wanted to talk about once I got past the intense festival period, but I can't remember what they all were now. So have a meme about books, via [ profile] ghoti:

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Anyone else want to have a go?


Jul. 23rd, 2014 02:40 pm
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Some of my friends have been talking about how our 14-year-old selves would think about 2014, and that's interesting enough I thought I'd put it in its own post rather than in the comments on a locked journal article.

hello, 20-years-ago Liv )

So, what do you think, what would your 14-year-old self have made of 2014?
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Several people have linked to [personal profile] nanila's Subscription meme. It looks like a good thing, partly cos it's full of people I know at second degree, and partly because it seems to be strongly slanted towards people who post about a range of topics including their lives, which is exactly the sort of people I want more of in my DW circle. Also I think her questions would be a good intro to who I am anyway.

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[personal profile] jjhunter was the first to give me a prompt and offered the really clever suggestion of Take a fibonacci sequence of your DW profile interests... and tell us something about each corresponding interest... not commonly known. Which gives me a lovely random grab-bag of a post, and also reminds me that I haven't really updated my interests list in most of a decade, but never mind.

Fibonacci numbers always make me think of hypothetical reproducing bunnies )

[January Journal masterlist; there's still quite a few spaces so do feel free to add some more prompts even if you didn't get to it in December! Or indeed to make a second request if you're already in the list.]
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I am absolutely in love with [personal profile] kaberett's Daily December meme! I'm really enjoying seeing it spread through all the different bits of my social circle. It's been a really excellent way to continue to keep people who did things like NaBloPoMo or Clovember in the conversation after November ends. And it's led to some absolutely fascinating posts and conversations as well as doing marvels for the pure activity volume round here.

I missed Daily December because by the time I'd realized just how brilliant it was it was already some way into the month. In any case I'm a lot lot lot less busy in January than I have been in December, so I'm going to timeshift it and do a January version instead. I can't come up with any very good alliterations, because words related to jour have more or less lost the sense of "daily" in modern English, though daily record is the literal meaning of journal.

This is, by the way, the first time I've attempted a daily posting meme in the decade+ I've kept this "journal". I think, looking at January 2014, it's going to be doable, if I use some of the Xmas break to bank some posts in advance. So, as [personal profile] kaberett so wisely suggested, pick a day and tell me what you'd like me to write about.

I'll take any topic, any level of detail, whatever you feel like reading about. Just a title is fine, a paragraph of explanation of exactly what sort of issues you want discussed is fine. Questions, prompts, whatever you like. And I'm happy for prompts / requests from people I know well or total strangers or anybody in between. If you're the first to claim a day, I'll write for you. I think for a daily meme it'd be prudent to stick to prose; I'm far too slow at poetry to be able to keep up if people ask for verse. And if I don't manage to fill your "day" I'll come back and answer the prompt as soon as I can after January ends.

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[personal profile] wild_irises posted about Advice Day, and I think I might pass on that meme.

So, I invite you to give me some advice. Any kind at all. I promise I will consider it seriously, and not argue about why it's impossible or unreasonable. Go ahead!
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There's a meme where someone assigns you an age, and you answer some questions about what you were doing at that age. I got it from [ profile] bugshaw who asked me about age 24.

My birthday is right at the end of the calendar year, so I was 24 pretty much exactly for the year of 2003. 2003 was probably the least memorable year of my life, in many ways. I was right in the middle of a PhD, which meant it was neither a great exciting novelty nor a terrible panic of trying to finish. It's the year I joined LJ, but I hadn't yet started doing the end-of-year summaries. When I summarized 2003 when people were reflecting on the first decade of the millennium, I said:
I swapped commuting to Oxford for commuting to London where my bf lived, and Sheffield where Screwy was going through rehab. Though pseudomonas was in Edinburgh, so I was able to see quite a bit of him. lethargic_man and I did manage to take advantage of the long distance thing by meeting in random cities in the middle and doing some tourism. I also travelled to the US twice: California in January for a post-breakup visit with darcydodo where we cried a lot, but made sure of staying friends in the long term. Then in September for hatam_soferet's wedding and my first taste of New York. lethargic_man introduced me to rysmiel and we got on extremely well, both via correspondence and LJ and when rysmiel happened to be visiting Scotland.

My PhD fell apart a little bit; I lost my sense of focus, and had what could have been a major paper scooped, and got into an emotionally awkward situation with my co-supervisor. The university pastoral services and my overall boss between them were very good at sorting things out, but I've been plagued by the procrastination beast ever since.
memesheepage )

If you would like an age, do comment! If you don't give me any indication of how old you are now, I might unintentionally suggest an age you haven't reached yet, but you're welcome to answer for how you imagine your life might be at that age if you want to. You totally don't have to tell me your age if you don't want to, though; giving me an upper bound is fine to avoid this problem.

C happiness

Feb. 5th, 2013 06:01 pm
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So my journal has been just a tad negative recently, what with academic exploitation, cancer, slavery, the Holocaust and relationship break-ups. Some of my friends are playing that meme where you have to name things that make you happy or things you are grateful for beginning with a particular letter. That seems like just the thing to cheer things up, and [personal profile] khalinche gave me a C.

I spy with my little eye )

Comment if you'd like a letter!


Jun. 12th, 2012 05:20 pm
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I have about an equal mixture of old friends and people who subscribed to me because I'm vaguely prominent in some DW circles reading this. So probably at least some people will find it interesting if I fill in the friendly survey with some general GTKY detail. Plus, I like talking about myself, and I'm procrastinating.

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[ profile] ghoti (NB that's a different person from [personal profile] ghoti) posted the meme where someone picks a letter for you, and you post ten things that you love beginning with that letter. And if anyone else wants to play, you can comment and ask for a letter, and I will happily suggest one.

I'm going to alter the meme and post ten things I love at the moment, rather than ten things I love in general, cos that gives me a chance to post some of the stuff I've been too busy to talk about since the end of summer. H is for happiness )
Anyway, yes, just one more festival to go and then I can relax until Chanukah. So I'm hoping to be around online more than I have been for the past several weeks!
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Various people are playing the interview / questions game, and [personal profile] khalinche gave me a great set.

what a great excuse to talk about myself! )I'm happy to provide questions for anyone who'd like some; obviously the quality will depend a bit on how well I know you. I think the optimum for this game is people I know a bit but not really well, because then I can think of something interesting that I don't already know the answer to. But even if you're a total stranger or a close friend of many years, I'll see what I can do.


Mar. 9th, 2011 01:15 pm
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I received my census form today! we love to count )
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One confession... I really can't think of anything for this one. I talk about most aspects of my life, and if there's anything I don't talk about I'm not suddenly going to say it just because a meme told me to! Either the whole eight years of this journal is a confession, or nothing is.

So, here's a recap of the complete meme (plenty of confessions in there, if you know where to look):
  1. Day 1: 10 things you want to say to ten different people right now
  2. Day 2: 9 things about yourself
  3. Day 3: 8 ways to win your heart
  4. Day 4: 7 things that cross your mind a lot
  5. Day 5: 6 things you wish you'd never done
  6. Day 6: 5 people who mean a lot
  7. Day 7: 4 turn-offs
  8. Day 8: 3 turn-ons
  9. Day 9: 2 images that describe your life right now

And for the confession: feel free to ask me any question you like, even if you're concerned it might seem intrusive. I'll answer if I can without compromising anyone else's privacy.
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Day 9 is Two images that describe your life right now. I find this tough, since I really don't have a visual mind! I poked around in Flickr and came up with the following two:

thumbnails link to larger images on Flickr )

Aren't you glad I didn't choose any soppy images? Cos the other big thing that's going on in my life right now is planning both the wedding and more seriously, our future together. As an antidote to all that nonsense, have some anti-valentines.
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I'm a little surprised that me babbling on about my personal tastes generated so much interesting discussion. So let's try another one: three turn-ons

again, sexual but not explicit )
Anyway, I'm writing this on a train with nice wifi. There's an amazingly earnest young student across the aisle from me who is holding forth about all the cool stuff she's been learning at uni, interspersed with why society is going to the dogs. Ever so endearing!
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Yeah, I know it's been over a month since I started this meme, but I've been blocked on day 7 for a while; I keep composing the list, and then deleting it because it's surely far too navel-gazing even for a blog meme! Anyway, feel entirely free to skip this if you don't care or find this kind of information embarrassing. But hereunder find Four turn-offs:
personal, but not explicit, sexual content )
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I don't love Five people who mean a lot, because I'm lucky to have considerably more than five people in my life who mean the world to me. For a start, I have to leave out half these people! And I generally don't like creating hierarchies of friends. So my take on it is going to be writing about why five people mean a lot, rather than describing in detail who they are or how I know them.
Five people who mean a lot )
ION I started back at the gym today, and yes, it was crowded, and yes, there were body-hating conversations in the changing room, but since I was continuing rather than starting, this was bearable. I also had a sudden brainwave: I started thinking that this whole exercising thing would be improved if I could get XP and achievements and level-ups and such, and then I realized that Chore Wars is exactly the perfect system for giving out imaginary awards for real life actions! So I've set up an account there to record my training sessions; this has the additional bonus that I can keep geeky track of exact numbers, notice when I beat my "highscores" etc. I think that will nicely complement having someone to go to the gym with for keeping me motivated.
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Day five is six things you wish you'd never done. I feel a bit squirmy about answering this publicly, since things I wish I'd never done are also things I don't want people to know I've done. But hey, blogging is all about over-sharing, isn't it? My grandmother has reached the age of 90 and claims that she doesn't regret anything she's ever done, only things she should have done but didn't dare. I think it's pretty impressive to be able to look back over your life with that view. I don't have a lot of regrets and guilt, but I do have some (and I'm only a third her age!)

Six things you wish you'd never done )
OK, that was a bit of low note to end the year on, sorry! I don't think I'm going to be around online much until the first week in January, and therefore I won't complete the last few sections of this meme until then. I'm about to go out for work Christmas lunch, and [personal profile] jack is on his way here. If he makes it past the snow monster, we're going to his family for Christmas and then I'm at Limmud next week, then plan to spend New Year with my family. My trusty smartphone will let me read stuff, whether it's posts, emails, tweets or texts, but I doubt I'll have time for a lot of producing content. I hope you all have a good year-end, including Christmas if you're celebrating.
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Seven things that cross your mind a lot... the way my mind works, things don't so much cross it as invite themselves in, settle down, and stay right up to the point of "it's lovely to see you, but I really need to get on with something."

seven things that cross your mind a lot )
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Day three: Eight ways to win your heart. Hm, can I think of eight separate things? I'm pretty easily pleased; simply being willing to pay attention to me and showing signs of enjoying my company goes a long way!

Eight ways to win your heart ) My heart is pretty easy to win and pretty hard to lose, really. I'm not always right, but very often in my life I've developed very intense feelings for a person very quickly after meeting them, if they fit several of these desiderata. In the vast majority of cases giving my heart to people like that has led to wonderful, precious relationships.


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