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[personal profile] mathcathy asked for my favourite 3 places in the UK

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Another excellent prompt from [personal profile] ephemera: What sorts of art you do you have on display in your space?

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[personal profile] forestofglory pointed out that 16th January corresponds to the 15th Shevat in the Jewish calendar. This date is mentioned in the Talmud as being the new year for trees, and in modern times it's become the festival of Tu biShevat in which we celebrate all things tree and nature. The middle of January is kind of a ridiculous time to be celebrating the first signs of spring growth in England, though we're told that almond trees come into blossom at this time of year in Israel.

[ profile] velveteenrabbi explains the spiritual significance of the festival, even when it doesn't quite match our experience of the climate. [personal profile] kerrypolka celebrated with fruit cocktails, and [personal profile] forestofglory herself had a fruit party. Anyway, my last minute attempt to mark the festival is by filling [personal profile] forestofglory's prompt to talk about trees that matter to me.

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[personal profile] ceb is another person who's given me several really excellent prompts for this meme. Today's is What was different about living abroad and would you like to do it again? (if so, where?)

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I was chatting to [personal profile] jack about what prompt he might suggest, and if there's anything he doesn't already know about me after six years together. And it turns out that I hadn't mentioned some of the creative projects I've done, so that became the prompt. This post will also serve as a kind of belated response to [personal profile] kaberett's post about creativity.

I hope this doesn't come across as bragging )

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[personal profile] ephemera asked about Jewelry and personal adornment (eg- what attracts you, your favorite pieces or styles or approaches, pure aesthetics vs memories.) (I stared at the spelling for ages and kept correcting it and doubting myself and reverting it back, and eventually I looked it up and discovered that the UK spelling is indeed jewellery, I haven't just completely lost my ability to spell.)

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[January Journal masterlist; there's still quite a few spaces so do feel free to add some more prompts even if you didn't get to it in December! Or indeed to make a second request if you're already in the list.]
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[personal profile] hunningham asked about Happiness - what things (activities, people, things, thoughts) make you happy? Do you seek these out or do they just happen? I really like the scope of this question and the precise way [personal profile] hunningham asked it; it gives me an excellent reason to talk about stuff that's important to me but that I don't normally post about much.

happiness is... )

[January Journal masterlist; there's still quite a few spaces so do feel free to add some more prompts even if you didn't get to it in December! Or indeed to make a second request if you're already in the list.]


Jul. 30th, 2013 08:43 pm
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[personal profile] staranise made a post recently which led me to get a bit more of a clue what's going on with MBTI types. In particular, I understood about MBTI dividing people into 16 "types" based on four pairs of preferences, but I never really got my head round the meaning of four special pairs within each type called "cognitive functions". And [personal profile] staranise explains it! Amazing!

who doesn't love a good personality test? )

Some people cynically say that MBTI is just astrology for skeptics. I don't think it's method of fortune-telling, for sure, and I know it can be very much misused, such as in businesses where they make all their employees take a quiz and assume that once they've put people into one of 16 boxes then they know everything about them. Obviously people have other aspects to their personality beyond their MBTI type; you can't just divide the whole world into 16 groups. I also strongly disapprove of the kind of career counselling which tries to treat your MBTI as if it were your inescapable fate; I don't believe that there's any job that can't be done by people of any given type. Most jobs after all need a variety of different strengths and skills.

I think what MBTI and similar systems is most useful for is that it gives you a kind of shorthand way to explain what sort of person you are to others. Of course, if you want to have any sort of ongoing relationship, you want to add in other aspects of your personality, your life experiences, your background etc. But it gives a kind of starting point of, this is what to expect from this person, this is what they're likely to feel comfortable with, this is an area where they may have difficulties.

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I have a good idea of my MBTI type
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MBTI is a useful way of understanding how people work
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MBTI is meaningless
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Personality tests killed my grandmother, you insensitive clod
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Jul. 11th, 2013 03:12 pm
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A couple of weeks ago, the infamous Laurie Penny (as discussed recently et passim) wrote an article about the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope, which really seems to have struck a chord with a lot of people. I've read quite a few articles where people talk about how they did or didn't relate to story archetypes, and unfortunately can't now find the one that most spoke to me. But I've been wanting to contribute my own response as well, because I've been figuring out some stuff recently about me and stories. I hope this will make some sort of sense for people not in my head, it's still a bit at the unformed thoughts stage.

thinky thoughts )

Hairy tale

Apr. 28th, 2013 11:14 pm
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[Sort of a response to Hel Gurney's Hair, very rough, I want to write some of this down and I don't know if I'll ever knock it into a shape I'm contented with.]

long and messy ) If all this tangle makes me feminine, well, I suppose I shall have to live with that. There are other versions of the truth, but I won't sacrifice my long hair to be able to tell them.
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Aaaages ago, Pervocracy hosted a discussion about Things I wish my sex ed teacher had taught me. I intended to post a response to that, and then I got distracted, and then I was reminded recently because people were doing some kind of straw poll on Twitter about whether people's sex (and relationship) education included anything about rape or domestic violence. I voted yes, and turned out to be in a minority of about 10% of respondents. Not that a Twitter straw poll is exactly a valid sampling method, but you know, it reminded me that I meant to make this post months ago.

includes some fairly abstract discussion of rape )

So, to repeat Pervocracy's question: what was left out of your sex education that you wish had been included?
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I'm just about the most extroverted person I know, certainly one of the most extroverted. I have an unlimited desire and nearly an unlimited capacity for human interaction, and I have the trait which is typical but not universal for extroverts, that I pretty much always want to be talking about anything and everything. I have a job that most days involves a lot of interacting with people, and I come home wanting more contact so I use the internet to facilitate more conversations.

navel-gazing )

So yes, I am aware of this, and I am aware that it can be a problem sometimes. My apologies if I ever do impose too much on your time and energy, or if I seem to be shooting you down through inappropriate expressions of enthusiasm.
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Recently, I've been finding myself saying "I don't think of myself as the kind of person who..." Chatting to [ profile] blue_mai at the weekend made me step back and think about whether that's actually a useful way to look at things.

on the whole, no )

I think what I'm groping for is that I want to accept that some aspects of my self-image may be wrong or just simply out of date. But also that it's possible to do things and join groups I never expected I'd do or join, without that compromising the things that fundamentally make me who I am. It's a bit confusing, though!
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Various people are playing the interview / questions game, and [personal profile] khalinche gave me a great set.

what a great excuse to talk about myself! )I'm happy to provide questions for anyone who'd like some; obviously the quality will depend a bit on how well I know you. I think the optimum for this game is people I know a bit but not really well, because then I can think of something interesting that I don't already know the answer to. But even if you're a total stranger or a close friend of many years, I'll see what I can do.
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A grim October day in 2001. I was a new PhD student, and the world was reeling from the World Trade Centre attack and its fallout. I travelled from Dundee to Glasgow for Shabbat Shuva, the sabbath of repentance which falls between Rosh haShana and Yom Kippur. The trip took most of the day; it was dark and rainy when I got to the stop where I would catch a bus from Dundee station back to my flat. The Saturday night crowd were just starting to be raucous.

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"Are you religious?" is often the second or third question people ask soon after meeting me. The fact that I'm Jewish usually comes up fairly early in conversation, and it's a natural small-talk follow-on, but I find it really hard to answer.

why? )

Also, I kind of find the question embarrassing. I don't actually mind being the explainer of Judaism, or the first (actively, or at all) Jewish person that another person has met who needs to answer all their basic questions. I quite enjoy those things. (Though that is not blanket permission to go and pester all the people you meet who come from a different culture from yours; lots of people find it intrusive and hate it!) But talking about something as personal as religion and identity and stuff when the conversation is still at the small-talk level, that's not something that comes easily to me.

Still, I'm making a start by writing this post, aren't I?
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I tried to keep this brief, since after all I have hundreds of thousands of words about the last 7 years of the decade in question already! Feel free to ask for details if you are in fact interested, though.

I really am amazingly lucky )

I've really enjoyed reading all of yours, both people I know quite well and people I've barely met.
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[ profile] mrissa posted a thought-provoking poll about memory and sense of self. I don't know [ profile] mrissa well enough to post a long rambling comment to her poll when I just happened to find it by linksurfing, so I am bringing her questions here. And answering them in prose rather than with just numbers. Please do feel free to add your own answers or repost this.

how old were you when? )

Well, that was more interesting to think about than the average meme! Any responses?


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