Haikai Fest: "Wombed"

Apr. 24th, 2014 07:22 pm
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Let's take a breath for poetry. It is April, and as good a time as any for a collaborative poetry fest. Please find below a starting stanza or two of a brand new shiny haikai (what's a haikai, you ask? think extended haiku: alternating stanzas of 5-7-5 and 7-7). Comment with a new stanza responding to the original theme. Someone (most likely me) will respond with another stanza, and so on and so forth throughout the day.

life with uterus:
just got my first IUD
I thought I knew pain

Happy things

Apr. 24th, 2014 07:32 pm
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1. Sunshine today! and some time outdoors in the afternoon.

2. Clean sheets on the bed.

3. Treating myself to a quiet evening in fuzzy bathrobe with creative projects in front of me.

4. Having walked a 10,000+ step day.

5. Trying a new recipe for dinner, and rocking the house.


Blog Roundup

Apr. 24th, 2014 11:20 pm
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 Decided as a lot of my blogging energy is going into my other blog right now, I'd do a round up of the posts in the last few weeks

Waking Up on the Wrong Side of Bed - how it feels when I know a down swing is coming
Accentuating the Positive - having cyclothymia isn't always all bad news
Irresistible Draw of Madness - why do I always want to watch stuff about people losing their mind?
Love Me, Love My Cyclothymia - where does my personality end and cyclothymia begin?
Wearing My Heart on My Sleeve - on living with self harm scars and getting angry with strangers
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This was broadcast on R4 recently. It's a lot better than the film (what isn't?!) but it shows just how good the original scripts were, because lots of the changes they've made to the stuff that hasn't been edited for time isn't as good.

Sample: in this, the Vogon captain isn't reading his own poetry, but Paula etc Jennings'. Why? What does that bring to it? You'd save a couple of seconds by not mentioning it and wouldn't need to change his 'So I write poetry..' to 'So I read poetry..'.

Sample loss: the reply to "I'd notice the difference (to having my brain removed and replaced with a simple computer)!", "No you wouldn't, you'd be programmed not to."
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My AO3 name is EllieMurasaki, though if you can, gift the fic to my pseud AlexSeanchai.

Poetry RPF — Audre Lorde, Cherríe Moraga, Enheduanna, Sappho (fl. 600 BC), Wu Tsao

These are all queer female poets. I'd love to see any combination of them interact, whether in a coffeeshop AU or a college AU or straight-up femslash porn. Have fun!

October Daye Series - Seanan McGuire — Chelsea Ames, Eira Rosynhwyr, Amandine (Toby Daye), Gillian Daye-Marks, Helen (Toby Daye), The Luidaeg, October "Toby" Daye, Quentin (Toby Daye), Rayseline Torquill, Tybalt (Toby Daye)

Two things I want here. One, what's up between the Luidaeg and Eira Rosynhwyr, and what do Amandine and Toby (and possibly Gillian) have to do with it? (The short story at the end of the print Chimes at Midnight is intriguing reading. I'm just saying.) Two, I bet Chelsea becomes good friends with Helen and Quentin, and I'd love to see her friends with Gillian too. If neither of those float your boat, Toby/Tybalt is always a winner, or you can go with what on earth happened to Raysel in the missing fourteen years?

Still Catch the Tide - Seanan McGuire (Song) — Singer, Selkie

Tell me the selkie's story after she got away from her lover slash abuser.

The Wendy Trilogy - SJ Tucker — Captain Hook, Green-Eyed Sue, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy Darling

What we see in the songs, only MOAR. And something about the other girls on Wendy's and then Sue's crew, too.

Janelle Monae - Works — Anthony Greendown, Cindi Mayweather, DJ Crash Crash, Maestra (Metropolis: the Chase Suite), Alpha 9000s

I am v. intrigued by the world of the "Q.U.E.E.N." music video and the interludes on The Electric Lady album. Start from one of those and go wherever your heart takes you.
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Magnetic Cushions Let You Easily Build a Structurally Sound Pillow Fort

The Future is Now!

I think many people I know need to own these

I need to invent a time machine and send this back to my seven-year-old self.


I totally want these, but a gentle reminder that if they’re magnetic, you should maybe keep them away from your computer and cell phone. Maybe read a book in your magnetic pillow cave!
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What Are You Reading Wednesday:

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading?

More or less the same academic material. For funsies, I'm reading Visit Sunny Chernobyl, a travel guide to the world's most polluted places. It's interesting but not gripping. Likewise Best Australian Poems 2013. I started Eugenides' The Marriage Plot and haven't made much headway with it. All these together are combining to mean that Karrass' Unmarriages is functioning as my fun reading as well as a work text.

What did you recently finish reading?
Still Life (The Frederica Quartet, #2)Still Life by A.S. Byatt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, I liked this a *lot* better than The Virgin in the Garden. All characters, but especially Frederica and Daniel, seemed more likeable and more *interesting* to me. I was surprised to find that I did continue liking Andrew as well as occasionally wishing to give him a kick up the pants. The changes in Winifred and Bill were very well handled and hit close to home, for various reasons.

My chief regret is that Marcus didn't have more cause to interact with the babies. He LIKED the thought that he'd managed to change Will's nappy, and god knows Stephanie could have used some help around the place. Plus, well... seeing the changes in Winifred, I kind of wanted some of that for Marcus. And I know I'm reading my own family dynamics into this, but the unquestioning love of a wee sprog is *good* for teenagers with troubles.

Podcast wise, I listened to and did not know what to make of The Thing About Shapes to Come by Adam Troy Castro. The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species, on the other hand, is an absolute delight from beginning to end. Suspect I should read everything Ken Liu has ever written...

What will you read next?

I have some scholarship on the Roman de la Rose to deal with, including a book chapter by a friend. Really not sure what I'll read for fun after I finish the current batch - but they'll probably take me a while yet.

(no subject)

Apr. 24th, 2014 02:52 pm
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At least when Ginny sits like this, i don't get yelled at for typing oer her. Unlike Gabe.
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[draft] Letter to the DWP

Apr. 24th, 2014 03:39 pm
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Feedback appreciated; I won't be sending it til tomorrow.

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Magnetic Cushions Let You Easily Build a Structurally Sound Pillow Fort

The Future is Now!

I think many people I know need to own these

I need to invent a time machine and send this back to my seven-year-old self.

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I just got my application for DLA rejected. Again.

This fucking week.

Interesting Links for 24-04-2014

Apr. 24th, 2014 12:00 pm
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Suffering from insomnia in the stilly watches of the night, my mind went to an article I read recently (?by that woman who just produced a whole book on her life with Middlemarch, or possibly by someone inspired by/reviewing it?) which said something like 'though Eliot was not as good on men as women' -

To which I was


(And 'But why always Dorothea?' - verb. sap.)

It adduced Will Ladislaw, and personally I have never been on board with the Ladislaw-hate (he is charming talented hot young man who is not an alpha-male type and has already undergone a significant maturation process, who is crazeee about her, what is not to like?) and Dorothea/Lydgate as OTP. Because it is our considered opinion that to a significant degree Dr Tertius deserved Rosamund because of his unthinking masculinist assumptions about marriage and what help and comfort between spouses actually meant. We are not at all persuaded that even with a less egocentric helpmeet he would be The Ideal Husband, even without the 'dissecting things is a fun way to spend evenings by the conjugal fireside' hobby.

Either Dorothea would turn into doing for him what Casaubon hoped she would be for him, only for SCIENCE rather than musty old mythologies, like those Victorian spouses to scientists who learnt German to translate relevant texts, catalogued their specimens, edited their articles and monographs for stylistic coherence, took up watercolours in order to illustrate these, and got no credit for their contributions: i.e. unpaid research assistant/secretary/PA/editor.

Or, I have just thought of an AU sequel in which Dorothea does marry Lydgate but conflict arises between his desire to Do Research and her belief that he should use his medical gifts for the benefit of the suffering poor; and that's before they find themselves at odds over the Contagious Diseases Act, 1864.

But, anyway, how can you possibly say that Ms Evans Couldn't Depict Men. Pray what gender are Mr Casaubon, Mr Brooke, Lydgate, Fred, Bulstrode, Rev Farebrother, Sir James, not to mention the plethora of vividly depicted peripheral characters from Rev Cadwallader to Raffles and the seedy low-lifes who sell Fred the vicious nag? They are just as convincing as Rosamund, Celia, Mary, Mrs Cadwallader, the landlady of the Green Dragon, etc etc.

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Despite how bad it actually is, the cherry-lime syrup was gone in the morning. I arrived well-armed with a set of gummy candies for the "hummingbird feeder".

It's possible that the departmental move may be delayed. I say this on account of my manager saying that we should have been notified by today at the outside if we're going this Friday. There are no emails, no letters, no white flag above my door numbered pieces of paper stuck to cubes or offices. Purple, who was also going to have been in this batch, is similarly without notification. He told a harrowing tale of a move where they told them on Monday, got other pending moves done, and then went "Hey, so can we move you folks like RIGHT NOW?" Except there were still some people with machines up running things that shouldn't be interrupted...

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(no subject)

Apr. 24th, 2014 08:01 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] daedala!
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Still discussion happening in my Hugo reactions post, if that was a thing that interested you at the time; it seems to have had a slow trickle out onto Twitter, sped up today by John Scalzi linking to it and other criticisms of his position from Shweta Narayan, Arachne Jericho, and Rose Lemberg.

I explained why I took a somewhat different approach than those posters in a comment on my old post, but the criticisms of Rose Lemberg, and SL Huang, about the idea of "merits" generally, are important and worth reading as a broadly-applicable matter. (To be clear, I also recommend Shweta and Arachne's posts as powerful and important, they're just a little more focused on the specifics of this discussion.)

A link roundup is being maintained by Stefan Raets.

I'm going to again err on the side of caution and screen anon comments; I will unscreen them as soon as I can if they're consistent with the policy statements in my profile. So far I haven't had to keep anything screened; I will say so if I do. But, if you have substantive comments rather than something about these links, I'd appreciate it if you took it to the original post, because I hate split discussions.

And now, I must go wash dishes.

More FNL. Whee!

Apr. 23rd, 2014 09:44 pm
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Tonight [personal profile] kouredios and I watched FNL S5 x 08 and 09. There are only four episodes left! I kind of can't believe it. (The first time I watched ep 9 I apparently said the same thing: I can't believe there are only 4 more episodes left, ever.)

Also I am drawing giant pink sparkly hearts around Matt Saracen. What else is new. *grin*

We are contemplating watching Fringe next. (Having done all of West Wing and new Who, both of which were known to kouredios, and now almost all of FNL, which was known to me.) I am kind of ridiculously excited at the prospect of rewatching Fringe. Because. I mean. Olivia Dunham. Made of awesome, Y/Y?

For now, though, I am all DILLON TEXAS and JULIE and MATT and VINCE and JESS and COACH and OH TAMI and OH SHOW. ♥
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I have been keeping sacks of birdseed out on the clubhouse lobby, in the open air, convenient for access but sheltered from any occasional rain.

Until some sharp-toothed sharp-brained creature that I take to have been a squirrel chewed through the plastic of the sack and chowed down on more than its fair share of seed.

Since then I've been keeping the seed in a heavy plastic lidded bin. That'll show ya, squirrel, thought I.

Until today, when I find the determined little sod has gnawed a hole all through the bloody plastic.

So now I'm keeping it in the clubhouse, under lock and key. And cursing the sodding squirrel every time I have to fiddle with keys, from now to the indeterminate future.

(no subject)

Apr. 23rd, 2014 07:56 pm
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There is something quasi-orgasmic about working with real gold leaf. I may be launched on a New Plane of Deliciousness.

Hair Salon

Apr. 24th, 2014 12:36 am
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Yesterday I visited my first hair salon.

It was pretty awesome. The place had this lovely stylish vibe with industrial stripped back decor played against very baroque gilt-edged mirrors with chairs and sinks scattered around. Some of the shelves appeared to be made of old books.

Hair cutting, for whatever reason, is really different between the sexes. Men go to barbers who do the whole thing no nonsense. The cost is lower and there are no such things as appointments. Hair salons are... very different to that and it's a difference I whole heartedly approve of.

I think the place I went to, which is local and just around the corner, is a bit more up-market for hair salons, or at least, so I've been told. I went there because my mother pretty much told me to and, not knowing differently, I figured that was good enough. The whole thing cost £45, which would have been completely extortionate to pay for getting my hair cut pre-transition.

The experience is nice. Going to the barbers had always been a really stressful experience and I never knew why. This was the opposite. I got to lie back and have someone massage my scalp and wash it with stuff (see how specific I am being here? This is how little I know about what they put in my hair) and then sit and have my hair cut, also getting offered drinks along the way. It felt very pampering. It also felt a bit scary as well, because of having a guy fondle my head and how that feels through craploads of oestrogen. Lots of feelings, really.

Anyway, I definitely like it and it's nice to have a new hairstyle. I had about two inches taken off the bottom and the style is very much one in which all the hair is of a length. The hairdresser also gave me a parting on the left, which works very well, so I'm keeping it. He also sprayed my hair with some stuff that makes it smell amazing, which I really want to get hold of.

Wednesday film

Apr. 23rd, 2014 11:48 pm
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Tony & I started having our date night on Wednesday evenings because a) Orange Wednesdays and b) I'm too often exhausted by Friday to face going out.

This week we saw Divergent which was rather less Matrix-y than the trailer had led me to believe.  It's a well-made teenage dystopian future: society is divided into five Factions, everyone is tested to find the place they belong, except that some people i.e. Our Viewpoint Heroine don't get assigned correctly and have to pretend to fit in.  I'm assuming it wasn't just me who went through the teen years (and *cough* some time after) thinking that everyone else seemed to know where they fit in and I was the odd one out?

There are multiple interesting distinct female characters, and the male love interest/mentor (slightly skeevy combination to my mind, but it just about works) is very pretty in a dark brooding competent way.  The plot is engaging and doesn't overreach or try to be too clever, just tells a good story.  I enjoyed it and we'll probably add it to the dvd collection at some point.

Pompeii: Clearly aiming for Gladiator-style vibes, but I'm fairly certain the eruption as depicted is ALL WRONG and will annoy/upset me too much to be worth watching.
Bad Neighbours: the couple from the 40-year-old Virgin movies have a frathouse move in next door.  Nope.

: an Adam Sandler movie where two single-parent families go to Africa to add racism to the terrible comedy.  Also includes inevitable girl makeover scene.  Nope.

The Other Woman
: the wife and the mistress team up with the other mistress to get revenge on the bloke screwing them all over.  Might be fun, but might have all the funny bits in the trailer and have more cringe than I can deal with.

: looked good although they've done something disturbingly unreal to Angelina Jolie's cheekbones

Req for recs

Apr. 24th, 2014 12:09 am
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Apparently this week I am pondering the construction of the idea of "muse" instead of working on my transfer report.

In particular I am wondering about how other people have conceptualised their relationships with real flesh-and-blood human beings they consider muses; presence/absence, the form of inspiration, and so on, and so forth. I think there is an essay trying to happen, but in order to tease out the details I rather suspect I need to expose myself to a wider range of viewpoints.

Suggestions and discussion in comments very much appreciated.

eta "museum" is "a seat or shrine of the Muses"!!!!

A brief Wednesday reading post

Apr. 23rd, 2014 03:45 pm
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I suspect it's not actually true that I can sit down and read novels, just not in the United States.

Nonetheless, I once again got more reading done in Montreal than at home (and then not much on the flight back):

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, by Karen Joy Fowler, is very good, a portrait of a damaged family told by one of the daughters, who talks about trying to figure out what went wrong, and her own sense of identity. (I bought this for the kindle, after seeing it had won an award; Fowler has sf connections but I'd call this mainstream. More later, maybe, if I can decide what counts as spoilery.)

The Old Vengeful, by Anthony Price, is a cold war thriller, from I think 1982; only loosely connected to some of his others, David Audley is there but not a major character. This is one of [personal profile] rysmiel's, selected in part for its relative brevity, because it was late enough in my visit that I didn't want to start a 400-page novel.

I also reread a couple of Pat Wrede's Enchanted Forest books, which are on the light and fluffy side; one before the Fowler, the other while traveling home from Montreal.

I don't know what comes next; probably either Nicola Griffith's Hild (which I have from the library and am thinking I have time to at least start and decide whether to buy or wait) or the most recent Terry Pratchett (which [personal profile] cattitude bought, so there's less temporal urgency). Or maybe I'll finish that book on the history of Spanish, rather than more fiction right now.

Wednesday reading

Apr. 23rd, 2014 11:37 pm
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HEY EVERYONE I DID READING THIS WEEK.  For some reason, I had an absolute bumper week for reading actual books (paper and ebook) rather than Random Stuff On The Internet and short fanfic.  I also managed some monster long fics on the AO3 too, it's like I have concentration or something. I hope it lasts.

Books read this week
Battle for Bittora by Anuja Chauhan
Those Pricey Thakur Girls
by Anuja Chauhan
Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal
Glamour in Glass
by Mary Robinette Kowal
Without A Summer by Mary Robinette Kowal
Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

I liked them all; Battle for Bittora I've already reviewed and I'll be writing up Those Pricey Thakur Girls too, but I'll try to write up the rest too (and woah, The Zoya Factor is only £1 on amazon.co.uk and 95p for the Kindle version BARGAIN except I already have it, duh). 

Ancillary Justice was especially amazing and everyone who told me I'd like it was right.  (huh, amazon have put up the kindle price since I  bought it at the weekend, perhaps they've noticed the Hugo nomination too)

Currently reading
God's War by Kameron Hurley, because she helpfully wrote a blog post "if you liked Ancillary Justice and God's War you'll love ..." which includes a bunch of books I already know I love (the Elizabeth Bear and the Octavia Butler, since you ask) so I thought I'd see if the reverse was true.  I think it might be on the edge of a bit grim for me, but it's keeping me engaged so far.

What's next
Not sure, but probably Infidel, the sequel to God's War, unless that does tip over into too grim for me.
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Thing First:   HABS WON IN 4 !!!!!

Thing Deux : The realtor came by today and things are looking okay. It's going to be a long three months but she didn't find any major problems with the house, only minor repairs and cleaning I need to have done.

I repeat : HABS WON IN 4 !!!!   They haven't won anything in 4 since 1993.  And we all know what happened in 1993. Well, the we that intersect the old enough and love hockey we. The article is in French but the video is in English and well... it's a moment in hockey history that scream.... I'm that good and I know it.


Just Finished

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. There are pieces of this that are very 'fandom', very inside info. Not sure if readers outside of fandom.. especially Harry Potter fandom would 'get' the inside. Still overall it's a fun and interesting read.

The Stargazey by Martha Grimes (Jury #15) . Much better than the last three installment in the series. This closes a dry spell I hope. I think Grimes created a nemesis for Jury. Still Plant (without the annoying gang of the village) is good in this one. The reader reconnects with the very wrong side of the track Cripps family. Set in the art/gallery world. Solid 3 stars.

What I'm reading now

Courtney Milan's A Kiss for Midwinter. The novella in between book 1 and 2 of the Brothers Sinister series. Smart regency romance novels.

Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield. Biography of one of Rolling Stone music critic. So far it's interesting.

What I'm reading next

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch.

Clara S. : les secrets d'une passion by Claude Samuel.

What I bought/got from the library this week

 Nothing from the library since I'm on a post Easter break.

Three romance novels that were on the bargain page for Kindle.

Shannon Stacey. Love a little sideways. Contemporary. Usually Stacey is an okay writer.

Miss Fortune by Julia London. The subject of this one seemed interesting. I haven't anything by her yet. She usually writes regency. This is contemporary.

Just The Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James. I read one of her books before. It was funny and smart, thin on the side characters but the two leads were interesting. I took a chance I might like this one as well.

Hearthstone is my new timesuck

Apr. 23rd, 2014 09:30 pm
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I picked it up at the weekend. Well, originally I picked up Diablo III's free demo to see what it was like now they'd peeled the awful "real money trading house" and "ridiculous grind so that you have to use the real money trading house" off of it.

And it was great fun. I finished the first secion (which is what you get in the demo) and it did a great job of giving me a nice effectiveness curve, so that I constantly felt challenged, but with intermittent sections where I felt like Legolas carving my way through a legion of orcs in a stylish manner. If I can persuade Julie to join me at some point then I'll definitely be picking up a couple of copies for us to play together.

I noticed that Hearthstone was also available. It being a free-to-play CCG based on the Warcraft background. It's very slick, the tutorial introduces things nicely, and the game itself is very smooth. I've played through a fair chunk of the training levels, slowly unlocking new cards as I defeated the various available classes (there are 10 different classes, each of which has its own unique cards, which means that each one has a very distinct flavour). This evening I met up with John and we played three games - I won two, and he slaughtered me in the third. I now have the urge to spend a chunk of the weekend building a more optimised deck. If anyone else is playing then feel free to add me (and leave a comment here so I know who you are...) - I'm AndrewDucker#2439. I won't be on a huge amount, but as games only take 5-20 minutes to play, I don't need to be on for long to get a match in...

the people i went to school with

Apr. 23rd, 2014 10:24 pm
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I met a friend from school today, and during one of our usual 5-hours-of-talking-and-tea marathons we of course at some point started discussed a bunch of mutual acquaintances.

meeeemories [tw: body issues, graphic descriptions of sexual acts] )

House offer

Apr. 23rd, 2014 08:31 pm
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We've made a final offer on the house in king's hedges. I'm a bit scared, because liv hasn't had a chance to see inside, and because I think it's the right trade off between "features we care about" and "money", but I don't know for sure if we waited we'd get a better ratio or a worse one.

I count the chances of it being accepted as about 50/50.

I'm pretty sure rationally we're making the right decision, but I'm still scared there's something big I should have known and didn't.

Thank you to everyone who assured us it was possible to get through the process!
[personal profile] swaldman
I'm going travelling for a week and a half, so earlier today I thought of setting an out-of-office autoreply. And then I thought "why?". I'll mostly be working while I'm away, so I expect to check my work email at least every couple of days. And if somebody's message is more urgent than that, they'd really be better off phoning anyway.

No out-of-office for me. I think the only time I'd use it nowadays is if I'm actually going on holiday, and don't plan to look at my email for more than 3-4 days.

Bright as yellow. #nofilter

Apr. 23rd, 2014 03:56 pm
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Bright as yellow. #nofilter


Apr. 23rd, 2014 04:08 pm
[personal profile] swaldman
Stromness is known for, among other things, its aged flagstone paving. This is not known for being flat or even. On Monday evening I encountered a particularly uneven bit and went flying. I landed hard and badly and sprained my ankle, and bruised my left hand.

I saw the doctor this morning (yes, it was a bit late, but you try getting a same-day appointment on the first day after a 4-day weekend!), and she advised me to take painkillers and use it, to keep it moving. This is good, because I was being restrained not so much by pain as by fear-of-doing-damage. So my upcoming trip is still on, but I shall be limping for it... in great big clodhopping hiking boots, because they provide some ankle support ;-) I'm told that it may be 4-6 weeks before I'm back to normal.

I liked it when I was younger, and healed quickly!

Getting back into the reading groove

Apr. 23rd, 2014 03:20 pm
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What I read

Well, I galloped through The Book of Strange New Things (2014: ARC) which was extremely compelling reading; I wasn't sure I wanted to start it (but then I just glanced at the first few pages...) and then I was worried that I would have to abandon it part-read when going away at the weekend (it is a fat hardback); and then I basically gave in to it and read on and on. It's amazing, and I'm still chewing it over in my mind. It's v different from, but just as good as (at least as good as) The Crimson Petal and the White and does for sf (proper sf, no evasion) the same kind of visceral, even tactile, feel that that did for a v specifically located bit of Victorian era.

I also, finally, finished Philip Hensher's The Northern Clemency (2008) which I got as a freebie last autumn and managed to get onto my tablet but somehow haven't been reading things on my tablet much even since the Sekkrit Projekt ended and couldn't find any way to transfer it to the e-reader and it did rather get pushed down the pile but I was sufficiently engaged to think of getting back to it rather than letting it languish, so I was reading it over the weekend and it was really very good. It was not somehow what I expected from Hensher - two families in a northern provincial city over a period of several decades, against a background of the various upheavals, 60s-80s, but v much through how they touched on the lives of the various characters. It's about time and chance and change.

In a remainder shop I picked up 3 for £5 VMC editions of novels by Muriel Spark , who is one of those novelists always being recommended, and read The Comforters (1957), her first novel, which was quite good but somehow I still do not entirely warm up to Spark (okay, intro to this edition is all about she was more about head than heart, but it's also possible to warm up on the cerebral level), although I will probably read the other two at some stage.

Also finally got to, what has been languishing on the e-reader for ages, Anne Lyle's Prince of Lies (2013), conclusion to the Night's Masque trilogy, which was v good - the various competing forces almost reached a Dunnetian level of making alliances with one set of enemies to confound another set - and the period feel still excellent, though I wish I had left somewhat less of a gap since the previous one.

On the go

On Friday I was feeling sinus-headachey and not very productive for most of the day (which I'd intended to work on the Lecture) and ended up picking up GB Stern's Another Part of the Forest (1941). Awww, Gladys/ or should I say Peter/ how nice to spend time with you.

I also started Una McCormack, Hollow Men (2005) and while I can quite see its merits, I am not really well enough up in DS9 for a full appreciation I suspect.

Have had Laurence Housman's An Englishwoman's Love Letters (1900) on my e-reader for ages and finally began this one-time succes de scandale by one of my pet early C20th gay pacifist male feminists. A lot of the scandale at the time was the belief that it was non-fiction, and certainly so far it doesn't seem very shocking, unless a woman being articulate about her emotions towards the love-object counts as that. I'm not sure it's something one would want to read a great deal of at any one sitting but I shall dip in and out, I think.

What next

No idea, really. At the moment I am a bit about looking at my tbr piles (solid and virtual) and seeing what takes my fancy.

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This weekend, I’m off to the Pikes Peak Writers Conference in Colorado, where I’ll be joining Chuck Wendig, Gail Carriger, and Hank Phillippi Ryan as Keynote Speakers for the event.

I’ll also be presenting a workshop on getting through your first draft, doing some panels, and chasing Chuck around with a cupcake gun I borrowed from Delilah Dawson. Supersonic chocolate cupcakes OF DEATH!

Anyway, here’s the schedule, for anyone who might want to stop by. And if you don’t want to stop by, that’s fine. I DIDN’T WANT YOU AT MY PANEL ANYWAY! ::Sniff::


  • 2:30 – Read & Critique 123, Aspen Leaf (with Terri Bischoff, Carlisle Webber)
  • 4:00 – Workshop: Getting Through Draft One, Salon BC


  • 9:10 – Mythbusting Keynotes (Q&A Session), Aspen Leaf (with Gail Carriger, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Chuck Wendig)
  • 11:45 – Lunch and my Keynote Speech, Ballroom
  • 1:15 – Booksigning, Aspen Leaf
  • 3:10 – Diversity: It Isn’t Just for Breakfast Anymore, Aspen Leaf (with Chuck Wendig, Carol Berg, Amy Boggs. Facilitator:
    Patrick Hester)
  • 7 – Zebulon Awards Dinner, Ballroom

This should be a lot of fun. How do I know? Well, among other reasons, it’s because the bar will be serving Brass Goggles, Primetime, Goblin Wiz, and F-Bomb:


From left to right:

  • Gail Carriger’s Brass Goggles: 1 1/2 OZ Scotch Whiskey, 2 dash bitters, 1 OZ club soda.
  • Hank Phillippi Ryan’s Primetime Martini: 1 1/2 OZ Vodka, 1 1/2 OZ Sweet & Sour, 1/2 OZ Grenadine
  • Jim C. Hines’ Goblin Wiz: 1/2 OZ Midori, 1/2 OZ Tequila, 1/2 OZ Sweet & Sour, On the Rocks
  • Chuck Wendig’s F-Bomb: 1 OZ Vodka, 1 OZ Red Bull, 1 OZ Cranberry, On the Rocks

As a general rule, I don’t drink, but I may need to make an exception this weekend :-)

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Let's take a breath for poetry. It is April, and as good a time as any for a collaborative poetry fest. Please find below a starting stanza or two of a brand new shiny haikai (what's a haikai, you ask? think extended haiku: alternating stanzas of 5-7-5 and 7-7). Comment with a new stanza responding to the original theme. Someone (most likely me) will respond with another stanza, and so on and so forth throughout the day.

egg me on, will you?
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