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I've had a generally wonderful weekend, a chance to relax at home properly for the first time in too long, and time with friends and some new potentials opening up. And I was just catching up with some social media during a quieter moment Sunday afternoon and learned that my teacher R' Sheila Shulman had died at the weekend. She'd been seriously ill, and she wasn't far off 80, and after I'd seen several posts I realized that when people were talking about "saying goodbye" to her, they meant literally, not just being sad at the news of her death, but actually present, she was surrounded by her students and friends and colleagues, a substantial fraction of the people whose lives she changed. So I can say, blessed is Judge of truth, and it tastes less bitter than some of the times I have to say it. But I can't wholeheartedly believe in a good death, because the person is gone no matter at what age and in what circumstances.

as much about me as about Sheila )

Because of Sheila I didn't have to leave Judaism when I came out, or even really come into conflict with it. Because of her, and the people she encouraged to be rabbis when they weren't the obvious type, I didn't give up on Judaism as being simplistically comforting superstition or a club for "people like us". Because of her and her influence, I'm able to be open to joy from an unexpected place, and to come to those potentials from a place of spiritual integrity. It's traditional to wish when reporting a death, may her soul be bound up in the bond of life It seems to me that R' Shulman's soul, the things she dedicated herself to so wholeheartedly against all opposition, really is bound up in the life of the community. My community, for all its flaws.


Apr. 26th, 2011 07:39 pm
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On 7th April, to [ profile] j4 and [ profile] addedentry, a daughter, Imogen Ruth. I know that offspring don't turn out exactly like their parents, but I have great hopes for the future of a new person who may be more like Janet and Owen than most other people.

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May 1st marks the official second anniversary of Dreamwidth. This means that the [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw project is in full swing from yesterday. I'm a bit behind with that stuff, but it seems to be doing pretty well without me. It's a fun fest, but seems a lot less necessary than it was this time last year, which is an encouraging sign. As you might have guessed from the above list, I'm pretty busy for the next three weeks, but I'll see if I can contribute something. I might do a FONSFAQ, perhaps on a Jewish or sciencey topic, and I might at least attempt one of the floating memes. But anyway, let me know if there's anything you particularly want me to post about and I'll see what I can do.

And last but very much not least, [personal profile] jack and I are getting married on Sunday 20th May 2012. We still have lots of details to think about before we can officially invite people, but just so you know.
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I'm registered as a potential bone marrow donor with the Anthony Nolan charity. They appear to have decided that a good way of keeping everybody's details up-to-date is to create websites for all the donors on their register, with URLs of the form www.[firstnamesurname] When I went to this web-page, I was asked to input my date of birth and when I did so was shown my full home address!

I have just written the following email to Anthony Nolan:
Dear Anthony Nolan Trust,

I am registered as a bone marrow donor with the Anthony Nolan Trust. Today I received a post-card asking me to log in to a website at [fullname] This website required me to input my date of birth and then gave me a page with my full home address. I do not find this to be at all appropriate! My date of birth is not secure information; I do not expect anyone on the internet to be able to access my full home address (and my status as a potential bone marrow donor, which is personal, medical information) based on knowing my name and date of birth.

I do appreciate the work that the Trust are doing, and I am happy to remain on the register. However, I would ask you to please remove this sensitive personal information from the internet. I have never granted permission to the Trust to publicize my address in this insecure manner, and I do not grant permission to you now to handle my data in this way. I am not willing to send you updated contact details until you have sorted out this serious security problem.

[Full Name]
This probably won't affect as many people as the recent Etsy problem, but if you do happen to be on the bone marrow donors register, you might want to check up on this issue. Grr. I really assumed that people who maintain a national register for specifically medical purposes would be at least vaguely competent about confidentiality!


Apr. 9th, 2010 09:45 pm
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Guess who's getting married! (Well done to Mum who was the first to spot this exciting announcement.)

(For people who don't know my crowd and therefore might find this less exciting, Gerv is also semi-famous for creating Bugzilla, so he's indirectly an influence on Dreamwidth too.)
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I'm in the process of transferring my webhosting, so please do not send any emails to my domain for the next few days, until the DNS change has gone through. Instead, please use my gmail address. (If you don't know my real life email addresses, liv [at] dw or private messages or comments on DW will reach me just fine.) All sorted now, emails should reach me as normal.

Thank you to everyone who suggested webhosts; I went with Tagadab rather than NearlyFreeSpeech in the end, because I'm not quite geeky enough for the do-it-yourself attitude at NFS. I do think they have a cool business concept, I just wanted something a bit more user-friendly. I transferred my toy domain first, and am very, very satisfied with Tagadab as hosts so far, so I'm now taking the plunge and transferring my main domain. I hope unsubscribing from TalkActive isn't going to turn out too hard...
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I have a few. The site's still very much in beta, and really so, we're actually working on bugs, not just that web 2.0 thing where everything is permanently in beta. But if you want to play around or reserve your username before the official launch, do comment. I expect you all know what Dreamwidth is by now; I might do a post talking about it properly later on, but right now codes up for grabs. If you think I don't know your email address, pm me.

And yes, I am planning to move over fully as soon as the site launches into public beta. More on that later.

ETA: Four down, two to go... within a quarter of an hour of posting. You guys are quick like bunnies!

ETA2: All gone! I'll try and pick up some more but no promises, they're still limiting site growth pretty strictly just now.

ETA3: Already 3 8 people in the queue for any more that show up. There may be faster ways of getting codes than joining said queue, but I'll give them away as fast as they show up if you'd like to add your name to the list. Sorry, Americans, it just fell out that way.
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Author: Lois McMaster Bujold

Details: (c)1996 Lois McMaster Bujold; Pub Baen Books 2001; ISBN 0-671-87744-5

Verdict: Cetaganda is great fun!

Reasons for reading it: I've been tearing through the Miles books, partly because they're tremendous fun to read, and partly cos my lovely Beau has been lending me the whole series in order so that I don't have to get frustrated.

How it came into my hands: The Beau brought a nice little pile of books when we met up in Norway last month.

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Facebook tells me that my old friend L from Dundee had a baby daughter on Tuesday evening. Yay!
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I'm back in Cambridge and I'm 29. Limmud was absolutely wonderful and involved far too much Talmud and not enough sleep, so I'm going to post this and then make a start on some heavy-duty sleeping.

I've missed all you guys. There's no way I can catch up on a week's worth of friends page, but I'll see lots of you on Saturday evening. Hope everyone relevant had a good Christmas. I'm still not really around online until I get back to Sweden on 3rd Jan, since I'm going to try to cram half a year's worth of socializing into the next few days.
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I finally succumbed to Facebook. I am going to be bullish about only "networking" with people who actually know me IRL, I'm afraid; I already have LJ for having fascinating discussions with strangers. But anyway, if you do know my real name, and you're on Facebook, you're welcome to connect to me over there.

It looks as if I can't do anything much until I get my stupid Oxford alumni email address working, which at this rate isn't going to happen until after the summer. I'm annoyed, because that step should have been easy.

Other than that, it's been a long week. I'm getting into this microblogging thing though.

Bad news

May. 7th, 2007 08:09 am
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Just had a phonecall from [ profile] ploni_bat_ploni, she's in hospital with heart trouble. Probably minor but they need to do loads of tests to make sure. She mainly complains of boredom rather than anything worse.

She asked me to post here; our friends don't entirely overlap but it's better than nothing. She'd been feeling poorly for a while but cleverly managed to get herself admitted while she was in her Home Country, so at least her fiancé and friends can visit her and she speaks the language. (Apparently she has internet access, but the system is too old to cope with LJ or her email account, so effectively she's out of touch.)
Update 10 May: [ profile] ploni_bat_ploni is now out of hospital. See her journal for more details if you know her.

(Me, I'm ok but uncommunicative for various reasons. I will update once I manage to follow through on the intention.)


Feb. 12th, 2007 09:08 am
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Just in case anyone is wondering: I'm not participating in any Valentines stuff. I haven't signed up to that Valentines postbox meme, and I am not checking any of the LJ Valentine communities. I'm not actively boycotting this kind of thing either, much less criticizing anyone who is having fun with all this business.

My opinion is that if anyone has something to tell me, they can just tell me. And if you really passionately want to send me an anonymous message, you'll just have to use a bit of imagination. Get a disposable email address, or simply notice that this journal allows anon comments.

Which sounds like I'm fishing, but I'm really not. I don't intend to send any Valentines, and I don't expect to receive any either. For those of you doing the coupley thing, I hope you have a great time, and for those of you pursuing relationships I hope things work out for you. And special love to all the bitter singles of my acquaintance, cos there are other kinds of love than the romantic kind. Here, have an anti-valentine.
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I have internet! It was totally straightforward to set up, too; I put the start CD in the drive and it asked me if I would like English instructions, and then it gave me clear and comprehensive instructions, which worked. I know there are lots of people around here who get kicks out of doing everything manually and would probably find the CD unbearably patronizing, but fast and easy suits me very well.

This particular evening I have a lot better things to do than fiddling around configuring my internet access, because [ profile] fluffymark is on his way here and I'm about to leave to meet him. But after more than two months internet-less there is too much squee not to post straight away.
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I'm home. Absolutely nothing went wrong with the journey, it just took ages. And I've been fed and had tea and a nice bath (the Aussies are quite right in principle that water is scarce and should be used carefully, but it's still very pleasant to have a proper bath after three weeks of 4-minute showers). The parents are more interested in telling me about their trip to China and how exciting it was, than in interrogating me about why I didn't get the job, which is a good thing.

Aaaand now I'm going to bed. Back online properly tomorrow, though it'll likely take me a while to catch up with my backlog.

Gone away

Nov. 7th, 2005 10:11 am
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I have gone to the Antipodes in search of the elusive snark post-doc. Back on 29 November. I'll have limited net access in that time, so assume minimal email and probably no LJ.

Have fun while I'm away. And do lots of things that I wouldn't do and then post about them so I can enjoy them vicariously.


Sep. 23rd, 2005 09:25 am
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I grabbed a newspaper when I was travelling home yesterday, because I was in danger of running out of the novel I'd brought with me (Nobody's Son by Sean Stewart, which is shorter than it looks). This meant I happened to see the obituary of R John Rayner. He was a great man, one of the generation who transmitted the intellectual tradition of the former German Reform world to British Progressive Judaism after the war. He also married my parents. Blessed is the Judge of truth.
I have discovered that I didn't win the New Scientist essay competition I entered a while back. I am mildly disappointed but I didn't have any grand expectations. The good thing about this is that I can now make the essay public, since I'm no longer trying to publish it in the real media. So if anyone wants a basic summary of what I did for my PhD, I refer you to Death of a cellsman. Thanks to everyone who helped me write this, by the way; obviously those who were in the filter I originally used for discussing my competition entry have already read something not very different from this final version.
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My old university email address is now officially dead. I will no longer be checking this account. Please do not send any more email to this address; I have no guarantee it will bounce properly.

boring details )

Conclusion: I suck at organizing my correspondence. I've moved account twice since 2001 and it's been unnecessarily complicated and lossy both times, and both mainly through my fault. But also partly because Dundee's mail system was very badly run, to be fair.

For the moment, I'm using Google's mail service where my username is rachelgb. I'm hoping this will be a permanent email address (because I trust Google not to let me down). And I'll get a work email address when I get work...

Gone away

Jul. 23rd, 2005 05:34 pm
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I'm away until the last part of August. I may be vaguely online some of the time but I probably won't be keeping up. And if I happen to post that doesn't mean I'm reading or reading closely.

I owe comments and emails and communications on other random systems; I've not forgotten, just postponing.

If you want a postcard, email me ([username] [at] livejournal [dot] [com]) with enough information to get a postcard to you. Have fun in my absence.

Oh, and just for random amusement: my sister has a chocolate cookbook which has rather gushing blurbs attached to the recipes. The Valentine's day offering has the following message:
A slice of this voluptuous Valentine treat could be the start of a sweet romance...
(Serves 12-14)
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Just to let people know, I'm away to my parents' tomorrow for a few days, and I'll probably have limited net access. Not none, but not enough to continue all the lovely discussions I'm in the middle of. Amazing how it gets more and more difficult to leave LJ for a few days! Anyway, I'm back Sunday.

So, if I don't have a chance to post between now and then, happy Christmas to those who care. And happy birthday to [ profile] loreid (one of a very small handful of people whose birthdays I remember!)


Sep. 29th, 2003 02:40 pm
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Many cheers, [ profile] doseybat has finally been dragged onto LJ! Finding her new shiny journal has really made my day. Everybody else who knows her, join me in a celebratory dance. And if you don't know her, let me introduce you: everybody, meet [ profile] doseybat, one of my favourite people in the world. And Bat, meet lots of cool people (and a cool angel and various assorted cool animals for that matter).


Shana Tova

Sep. 26th, 2003 03:30 pm
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This journal would like to take the opportunity to wish those of its readers who care about such things a happy and peaceful New Year.


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