Jul. 4th, 2013 05:20 pm
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Middle of last night, I couldn't sleep until I'd written down this verse. I've been trying to translate Verlaine's poem Clair de lune for about 20 years, and never got anywhere at all. This still isn't right, partly because it's too metrical and doesn't capture the very complex rhythms of the original. But much of my poetry suffers from being too metrical, too tum-te-tum.

in which I commit poetry )


Jun. 6th, 2007 08:49 pm
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Over at Making Light: LOLcatz in ur canon, pastichin ur potry. Some highlights from a long and hilarious thread:
  • Abi's original sonnet which started the game
  • Heresiarch's meta joke
  • Xopher's LOLhaiku
  • Kathryn's LOLcreation
  • Eric's ultra-abridged Kubla Khan
  • Abi again with P&P
  • Kathryn again with hypertext poetry
  • Heresiarch lives up to his handle with the LOLiad
  • Eris' utlra-abridged Grecian Urn
  • Abi's zombie kittehs
  • Abi's poetic commentary on the thread
  • Elise's paired translations (you need to read both her consecutive comments for the effect) into LOLcat and text adventure. So beautiful that they inspired me to look read the original poem, which turns out to be Edna St Vincent Millay.
  • nwhepcat's TS Eliot

    But seriously, if you have many hours to spare, read the whole thread, it's fantastic.

    I tried my hand at a couple too, and I'm putting them here mainly so that I can find them again easily in future. Read behind the cut if you want to see attempting to be witty in LOLcat verse. mine ) I'm really feeling I ought to write some real poetry now, if only to convince myself (and the Making Light crew if I come up with something of exceptionally high quality) that I can in fact scan when I put my mind to it.
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    So a while back there was a meme for people to post anti-war songs. I thought that was a good meme, but at the time I didn't participate because I thought, I don't know any anti-war songs except really obvious ones like Universal Soldier and Blowing in the wind. I realized somewhat belatedly that I do in fact know the several Israeli anti-war songs, including the Song for Peace. I started composing a translation of it and found it was coming out with scansion. What I ended up with was not really a translation of the song as such, but a poem based on my (probably reliable) memory of my (almost certainly unreliable) transcription of the song. It's not really good enough for public but it's not bad enough to destroy and try to forget the memory of having written it, so here you go:

    if you wanted emo filk-y poetry there are probably better places for it )

    It's so tempting right now to pray for peace. That would be the wrong thing to do for me personally, in my religious framework, if I don't also do something practical to make peace happen. I really don't know what though. Of course, it's far too easy to feel helpless to have any effect on distant foreign wars, but that feeling is worse right now, as a foreigner in a country where I have no contacts and don't know how these things work. Does anyone have any suggestions? Even something as simple as a charity I could donate to would be a good start.

    And if you don't have any ideas about that, suggestions for improving the poemlet are also welcome. I'm particularly concerned about the line: All empty now are victory's joy / And songs of praise! because while it's obviously a plural statement grammatically, aesthetically it feels like it should be singlular. Any ideas?


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