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Heartfelt thanks to all of you who took the time to make supportive comments when I was feeling down. I am incredibly touched by so many people reaching out.

I have only a little gap before Passover chaos sets in, but I don't like leaving depressing stuff at the top of my journal, so have a general consumption update:

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So this weekend I got to join in with excited small children going on An Expedition to the Science Museum. thoroughly wonderful weekend adventures )

So yes, weekends with lots and lots and lots of time with lovely people, and space and dressing up and dancing and tasty Asian food lead to a very happy (if very shattered) Liv.

Life update

Sep. 8th, 2015 12:56 pm
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As I mentioned in a footnote to a reading post, I've had a really great but also really intense few weeks. Let me put a bit more detail here, partly cos I want to record some of the fun exciting things I've been doing.

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So [ profile] gwyddno wanted to get [personal profile] angelofthenorth tickets to a show for her birthday, but hates musicals, so he had the brainwave of inviting me to go with her instead (cos it's hardly fun going to a show on your own). And we ended up seeing the musical of Legally blonde at Swansea Grand Theatre, which was an excellent night out all round.

I was aware of the film version though I hadn't seen it. But generally I liked the concept of women's empowerment that actively rejects femme-phobia, and it seemed the kind of ridiculous plot that would be well suited to a musical. In fact it was a thoroughly excellent production, I believe it was put on by a theatre school but seemed really professional.

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[personal profile] angelofthenorth found a dear little French restaurant right by the theatre, Bouchon de Rossi. They have a completely non-functional booking system involving leaving messages on an answering machine, but we managed to get a table anyway as we showed up very early on a weekday evening. Service was very good, food was pleasant but a little over-priced for what it was, and didn't really seem very French to me. Very, very nice Loire white, though, and excellently indulgent desserts.

Basically we had a completely glorious evening and left with that happy excited feeling you get from a really well done, light-hearted and dramatic show.


Aug. 9th, 2015 07:46 pm
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Last weekend I spent Saturday at the beach with [ profile] ghoti and family, which was completely wonderful. I didn't realize it's relatively easy to get to the north coast of Norfolk by public transport; I want to do that more often! But we did proper traditional English beach things, building sandcastles and eating chips and icecream and paddling in the sea.

I had to run back to Stoke for a stone-setting on Sunday. Which was annoying travel-wise but it's important to be available for these things, and the community made a big effort to scrape together a minyan. And the good thing was that [personal profile] angelofthenorth was able to adjust her plans and come up Sunday evening instead of Monday, so I got more time with her, yay. Mostly spent being quiet and domestic, I managed to do a fair amount of working from home so we could just quietly share space while we got on with things. And [personal profile] angelofthenorth was a wonderful guest, she brought me food and made me tea and generally looked after me.

And in a continuation of the theme, [personal profile] cjwatson came up to visit for the weekend. When I moved out of my old house and into the tiny flat on campus I was expecting to give up hosting, but actually I have a few really dear friends who don't mind sharing a very cramped space, and quite a few have visited me since I moved.

Saturday I led a service at synagogue. I was quite pleased with it, I talked about the idea of reward and punishment – this week's Torah reading contains the middle bit of the Shema which says that good things will happen if you keep God's commandments and agricultural disasters if you don't. And I talked about the consolation reading from Isaiah and the idea of exile as punishment for sin, and how that squares with the expression of God's love and Covenant faithfulness in both the Torah reading and the Haftarah. And I was glad to be able to invite [personal profile] cjwatson to a full Torah service given he was curious after coming for Friday night a few weeks ago.

It was a gloriously sunny day, one of the warmest this year. We had lunch at Peaches, who have stopped doing their all-you-can-eat menu for Saturday lunchtimes but had a very sensible prix-fixe menu instead, including their exciting garlic mushrooms. And we went for a bit of a walk in the woods behind campus, enjoying the shade and the hot still air and almost nobody around on a summer weekend.

Today we got up late and didn't do much beyond going out for lunch at the lovely Hand and trumpet country pub. Food was not as good as I've sometimes had there, but that's a high bar, and it was still very good indeed.

Basically I have wonderful friends, and spending time with them makes me extremely happy. Being at home Sunday evening, since [personal profile] cjwatson took on all the travelling that I would normally be doing, I even had time to call my parents, which I haven't done in too long.
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I took Monday and Tuesday off work, mainly because my friend SA was visiting from Sweden, but it was actually really good to have a decent break.

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I do in fact have some opinions I'll post about soon, but I'm off on another adventure this weekend, going to a music festival. Which is really not the kind of thing I do, but I am pretending to be a much cooler person than I really am...
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...To [personal profile] nou on turning 40! [personal profile] nou organized a most excellent celebration, including walking under the Thames through Woolwich foot tunnel. I did not know there was a tunnel under the Thames, but [personal profile] nou is really good at paying attention to things like that.

And then we spent the afternoon in the Greyhound pub, a proper trad drinking hole sort of pub, not ye olde, not hipster, just a place where you can sit and talk and drink lager. It was basically too hot to move, though a few people did manage some walks and visits to the local artillery museum. Me, I just had fun talking to [personal profile] nou's excellent crowd of friends. Walking people, geeks, local history people, and a bunch of people from Oxford who all have second-degree connections to me. I was in extrovert heaven, in spite of the heat.

We moved on to a Chinese restaurant in Surrey Quays, Noodle Family. It wasn't in fact the restaurant that [personal profile] nou was expecting in that location, though they confirmed it was the same place when she made the booking. But it served very very tasty food, including things like thousand year eggs and sea-spiced aubergines and Chinese style potato salad made out of raw lightly cooked grated potato in vinaigrette.

I headed to [personal profile] nanaya and [personal profile] alextiefling's after the meal. And in that part of south London it's often easier to get around by bus rather than train or Tube, so I ended up with a change that involved walking past the restored Cutty Sark at sunset. So I got an evening and morning of chatting and catching up with good friends I don't see often enough, as well as being enchanted by their two young kids, the older of whom is just about learning to talk.

...And to [personal profile] adam_in_rabbinical_school whose username is no longer accurate, as he is now Rabbi Adam. The ordination service at Southgate Progressive was amazingly moving; the focus was on the wonderful friendship between our two newest rabbis. And R' Mark Solomon was leading the singing, which is always a treat.

I met up with [personal profile] jack before the service for lunch at a very good Lebanese place, Warda, and for a chance to chat as we haven't seen eachother in three weeks, for various reasons. And the service was, as these things are, full of old friends, including [personal profile] pseudomonas's parents. We stayed on for a reception and dinner, and by about 7 pm I'd just got to the point where I couldn't deal with being out and about for one moment longer. So [personal profile] jack drove us home, and being in my husband's car on the way home is enough like being in my own space that I started to unwind. And we had a couple of hours before bedtime to sit on our new sofa and drink tea and chat (mostly ranting about Princess Celestia and about Git). It is so, so good to be home.
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Reasons for watching it: Mad Max really couldn't be less my kind of thing, but the internet got excited about it and I thought it might be worth trying something outside my comfort zone.

Circumstances of watching it: Actually had a free evening for a date with my husband, and we planned it a bit at the last minute and there wasn't anything obvious on so we defaulted to the classic dinner-and-movie. We had dinner at the new (ish, I haven't been paying very close attention to changes in Regent Street shops) Turkish restaurant, Çinar. Good food, a bit more distinctive than the somewhat generic Mediterranean served at many mid-range Turkish places. It felt a bit over-priced for what was on offer; I'll probably continue preferring the vegetarian platter at Efes. And then we had a bit of time and wanted something sweet, so we got bubble tea from Chatime. I liked their offerings a lot better than Ooshi just up the road: drinks actually based on tea and fruit rather than just combinations of sweet syrups.

And then we wandered up the road to the Arts Picture House. The small cinema was pretty much packed, so we had to sit right at the front, but on the positive side it looked like a rather more mixed audience than might be expected at action films like that.

Verdict: Mad Max : Fury Road is a successful Big Dumb Action Movie, but not much more than that.

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My plan for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw had been that between 25th April and 15th May I'd post three diary entries, surveys or queries, one substantial thinky post, and ten pointers. In fact I did manage 13 posts, which was about right, but they don't quite fit [ profile] siderea's classification scheme.

I didn't really make a substantial post at all, but then again I did put lots of thinky thoughts in my five link posts. So instead of 10 quick "here's some content" things and one essay, I made five posts that fall somewhere in between those two stools. In terms of posts mainly about me, I did in fact make two diary posts and one post asking for advice and opinions, plus bits of diary and survey style things in the other posts. So that's about right.

The rest of my activity was two reading Wednesday posts, one meta thing about DW and the fest itself, and two posts about the UK general election, which happened to fall within the fest but was important enough that I wanted to talk about it. I think that constitutes a reasonable contribution to keeping up activity on DW, even if it doesn't quite match what I set out to do.

I'm about to go away for an exciting trip with [personal profile] ceb and some other awesome people, so I expect to be quiet for the next week and a half. I'm just coming to the end of my busiest time at work, and I've been as usual cramming a bit too much into the weekends in between. Highlights were [personal profile] kaberett's party at the weekend, and dinner with [ profile] ghoti at the Plough last week, and with [personal profile] cjwatson at Mestizo on the way to [personal profile] kaberett's party.
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Things that are very, very good for Liv: time with friends, and new learning. And I've done really well with those these last few weeks. diary catch-up )
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I do very much love my friends. The minute I post even slightly meepy things to DW, lots of people get in touch. And if there's one thing that cheers me up it's getting to talk to my friends! Thank you so much to everybody who left helpful, supportive comments on my post. Now I have actual plans for meeting up with [personal profile] withagreatlove, and have made some progress towards plans with [personal profile] khalinche. I had some really cheering conversations with [personal profile] hatam_soferet and [ profile] rysmiel and [ profile] ghoti, and I've started talking to people a bit about means other than email to keep in touch.

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And I met my new cohort of students, dear little first years, this morning, and to nobody's surprise teaching is a lot more fun and satisfying than marking.

Also [ profile] ghoti made me some gloves for my birthday, and they are awesome because they have subtle owls knitted into them. So now I can go around with owls on my warm hands, this is very pleasing.
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I did not manage to make a second post yesterday; I'm starting to be in Christmas mode, huddled up with people I care about and I haven't quite worked out how to fit the daily posting into that. With a bit of luck I will manage to catch up after today.

Saturday night I got home in time to be present for most of [personal profile] jack's Christmas party, having had a really flukey journey after leaving the Stoke chanukah party at 5:30 and walking in before 9. It was a lovely party, fairly low key and with lots of people present I really enjoy talking to, including [personal profile] pseudomonas, yay. Then yesterday we didn't really get up until lunchtime, at which point we went to the Carlton to socialize with a small group of friends.

And in the evening I went with [personal profile] cjwatson to a show at the Corn Exchange called Not until we are lost. It's a sort of circus style thing, where they had the audience just milling about in the main space at the CE, and the performers doing essentially trapeze artist tricks on various bits of metal frame scattered through the space. It sounded from the description a bit artsy and pretentious, but it was a really enjoyable show, just for the sheer skill and strength of the artists, swinging from bits of frame and lifting eachother and throwing eachother around and just being gloriously competent and at home in their bodies. There was quite a lot of acting, with the facial expressions of the artists conveying a whole lot of emotion. I'm extremely glad we saw it!

The thing that is wonderful about my life at the moment is being able to spend the longest night cuddled up listening the wind whistling outside. And the sun is coming back, we're about to light seventh candle of chanukah (when friends arrive to join us for the celebration), and it's the new moon of Tevet, so there is going to be more sunlight, and more moonlight, and just generally more brightness and joy.

Anyway, [personal profile] syderia asked me to talk about your favorite pastries. Sorry for being a day late with that! om nom nom )

I wish you all light and joy, whatever you're celebrating at the turn of the year!

[December Days masterpost]
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So far I seem to be giving out food related prompts. (I like talking about food, I guess.) So a favorite food memory?

[personal profile] forestofglory said:
So far I seem to be giving out food related prompts. (I like talking about food, I guess.) So a favorite food memory?

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[December Days masterpost]

Life update

Sep. 8th, 2014 01:35 pm
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We've been more or less occupied with househunting, both emotionally and practically, for most of 2014. It suddenly all ramped up mid-August and we ended up exchanging contracts at almost no notice and then completing 27th. We weren't able to arrange the move quite so precipitously, so [personal profile] jack has carried on living in his rented flat for a couple of weeks, with moving day scheduled for Wednesday.

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And then back to work for just a few days before the move, the second half of last week on campus and the first half of this week WFH at [personal profile] jack's place, giving us the weekend in between to sort everything out. I know moving is supposed to be stressful, but we've actually done really well this weekend, we got just about everything sorted and ready to go and even managed to find time to socialize at a BBQ chez [ profile] sonicdrift and [ profile] mobbsy. I've always felt like [personal profile] jack and I work well together as a team, and I think we're getting better at it with more experience.

I find it hard to believe we're actually moving in on Wednesday; getting a house together has been just over the horizon for so long. I am excited we will finally have our place to arrange as we feel like, but it's also quite daunting! Sorting out storage for all our stuff is going to be an ongoing challenge, I think. Anyway, once we're settled we will have both more free time (hopefully) and a better space for hosting, so I look forward to inviting lots of people round.

Oh, and lots of people are doing the meme of listing ten books that stay with you or that have influenced you or something. I thought I'd done this before and it turns out that yes I have, but nearly ten years ago! I think about three quarters of what I was going to list are still the same as the ones I put down back in 2005.
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[ profile] darcydodo, whom I hadn't seen in far far too long, had a work reason to come to Scotland. International conferences are definitely one of the major perks of academia. So anyway, I went up to Edinburgh to meet her, and we travelled back to Cambridge together, and it was brilliant.

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Wow, spending extended time with [ profile] darcydodo is so very, very good for me. We caught up properly on eachother's lives and gossipped about all our mutual friends and debated religion and politics and hugged and it was just amazingly wonderful.
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So, I haven't abandoned DW altogether, I'm just in the process of moving my life to Cambridge and one aspect of The Plan that I haven't worked out is how to fit blogging into my life. I mean, partly it will be better when I'm not actively in the middle of selling and buying houses. And partly my life since Easter has just been unusually complicated.

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So yes, that's me. I am going to be pretty busy for the coming month because of being course lead, and quite possibly completing the sale of my house here and the purchase of our future house in Cambridge. But on the other hand I'm likely to be spending enough consecutive days in one place to have a bit more time for DW.


Apr. 17th, 2014 12:22 pm
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Term has ended, and I was able to wrangle things so I could take my marking to Cambridge and live at home for a week, leading up to the beginning of Passover this Monday.

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Thank you to everybody who was friendly and comforting this week, it really does mean a lot, and I'm feeling extremely blessed to know you all. I still have a lot of things I need to deal with, both workwise and in terms of selling my house here and hopefully buying another one in Cambridge. But basically I'll be ok, and at least I don't have all that on my to-do list plus Passover prep.


Apr. 7th, 2014 12:26 pm
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Things are somewhat stressful at work, not crisis, but there are a lot of things I need to be doing / have done and I'm not quite on top of all them. So I've come to huddle at [personal profile] jack's, partly because some of what I need to do is a massive pile of marking and that'll go a lot better uninterrupted. We managed a weekend that was both relaxing and sociable, a couple of mornings of just spending time together, and afternoons with lovely people at fairly low-key events.

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And now I'm going to bury myself in marking for the rest of the day. I haven't forgotten the discussion about visibility, may try to get to it piecemeal.
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[ profile] rysmiel asked me for some reasonable number of most memorable positive food experiences. [ profile] rysmiel is a great person to give me this prompt since when we spend time together is things like this happen. So, food experiences that haven't been in [ profile] rysmiel's company:

tasty )

I realize I don't have a tag for eating out, even though recording dining experiences is something I do use this journal for. I shall make one, though I suspect part of the reason is that I often go out for nice meals when I'm also seeing friends, so lots of the relevant posts are tagged 'friends'.

[January Journal masterlist]
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[personal profile] ceb asked for my favourite recipes. I've ended up having to travel across country at short notice for a funeral, so I'm not sure whether I will have internet access to post this today, though I will try to squeeze in the post before midnight. I also don't have access to any of my recipe books or notes or links to online recipes, and I tend to feel more confident cooking with recipes written out rather than from memory. So I'll talk a bit about the category of favourite recipes, and perhaps come back and add the detailed instructions later.

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OK, have wifi in the B&B where I'm staying and half an hour before I have to go out for prayers, so I'll post this as is to be able to keep up with my daily prompts.

[January Journal masterlist; there's still quite a few spaces so do feel free to add some more prompts even if you didn't get to it in December! Or indeed to make a second request if you're already in the list.]


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