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I spent some of the weekend at [personal profile] emperor's readthrough of Joss Whedon's Firefly. I'll write about the social experience behind the cut, and while I'm giving you the choice whether to read about the event, I'll also make some comments about the portrayal of sex workers in the series, and mention potential small spoilers.

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Nov. 26th, 2014 12:10 pm
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Homestuck is this... work of fiction, which is sort of like a webcomic, only it's also sort of like inventing an entirely new medium for telling stories. [ profile] rysmiel, who calls this new artform a hypercomic, persuaded me I should read it. I was dubious, partly because I am not a very visual person and I don't always get on well with comics.

And partly because it starts off kind of bad. more thoughts )

In other news, I have only a couple of slots left for Daily December posting. Anyone want to suggest anything to complete the month?
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So [personal profile] azurelunatic posted adorable Pacific Rim fan jewellery to Tumblr. And I appear to have thinky thoughts about a work of fanart.

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At the con: 3:15 pm Friday afternoon in the Fan Village. I will be there with a sign until around 5. All are welcome; if you've heard of Dreamwidth and you're coming to Worldcon, come and join us.

In the old-school tradition from back in LJ days, this is a meme. You are welcome to repost the above text on your own DW so that as many people as possible see the invitation.

Escaping from the con: 1 pm Saturday at Noodle Street. This is a modern pan-Asian (primarily Chinese) place with level access and the restaurant looks fairly spacious. They cater for veggies and can adapt dishes to other dietary requirements. They have both dim sum and main dishes, dim sum £3 - £5 per item, main dishes between £5 and £10.

Instructions for getting there: DLR from Prince Regent to Westferry, approx 15 minutes. Step free access to trains at both stations. The restaurant is close in distance to Westferry but somewhat awkward to get to across busy roads, and Prince Regent is the closest station to the ExCeL centre.

Everybody is welcome to join us for lunch, but I would like you to RSVP if possible so I can make a booking; we're going to be at least 7 and possibly twice that. I appreciate that you can't be absolutely sure if you're coming or not, and I'm not expecting a firm promise. If you happen to be in London but are not coming to Worldcon, you are still welcome.

So far the following people have said they are coming:
Me [personal profile] liv
[personal profile] jack
[personal profile] kaberett
[personal profile] green_knight plus one
[personal profile] cxcvi
[personal profile] hairyears
[personal profile] emperor
[personal profile] starlady
[personal profile] rmc28 plus partner and two kids

[personal profile] atreic
[personal profile] doseybat
[ profile] pplfichi
[personal profile] nanila plus kid
[personal profile] randomling
[personal profile] naath
[personal profile] legionseagle

If you have any thought at all you might want to join us for lunch, please can you comment by Friday 2pm UK time? Tell me how many people, if you need me to ask the restaurant to make any arrangements eg provide a highchair for a young child, and how certain you are about attending. It's fine if the answer is that you have no idea, it depends entirely on how you feel on Saturday. It's fine if the answer is almost certainly not but you'd like to keep the option open. It's also fine if you previously told me you were coming and now can't make it any more, just let me know.

ETA: Booking now made at Noodle Street for a party of 12 for 1 pm Saturday 16th, name of Liv
I'm sure it's fine if the numbers fluctuate a bit, but if you end up with a more definite yes or no between now and the con weekend, please let me know?
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Author: Max Gladstone

Details: (c) 2012 Max Gladstone; Pub 2012 Tor; ISBN 978-1-4668-0203-2

Verdict: Three parts dead is a great read, with some cool original concepts including magical lawyers.

Reasons for reading it: Gladstone is nominated for the Campbell, and several friends were enthusiastic about him. I somewhat regret being over-optimistic about how much time I'd have to read the Hugo nominees, and given that I wasn't actually going to get through everything, I should have started with the Campbell, as that's the most interesting category, instead of working my way up through the shorter works.

How it came into my hands: Tor, unlike Orbit, went out of their way to make sure their nominated authors actually got a decent shot in the Hugo voting, by including full works and even previous episodes in series, in the Hugo packet. So I read this as a professionally formatted, non-DRM ebook.

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OK, I've left it really late to organize things. So, what I'm proposing is: I'm going to hang out in the Fan Village after my panel with some kind of DW sign. Anyone is welcome to stop by and chat; it will be noisy, because it's the middle of the con, but hopefully this will be inclusive to people who don't want to travel outside the convention centre.

Please feel free to spread the word:
Informal Dreamwidth meet at Worldcon

Friday 3:15 pm, Fan Village
I'll stay until 5 but it'll basically go on until people drift away
All welcome, if you've heard of Dreamwidth at all and you're going to be at Worldcon, you're invited. Bring friends.

Several people expressed interest in going out for a meal; I'm going to add a poll and do my best to organize something. Depending on numbers and requirements it might be somewhere fairly generic eg a Wagamammas or a big Weatherspoons. I'm going to suggest 1 pm Saturday unless there are strenuous objections, because finding a consensus time that suits everybody is never going to happen, so I'm just going to pick.

poll within ) If you have any suggestions for venues please do speak up! I will aim to book something by the end of this week, though I'm sure it's fine if a few extra people show up or some drop out. My plan is to simply publicize the venue and show up at the agreed time, rather than trying to organize to travel as a group.
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I think maybe starting from the shortest categories and working upwards was a mistake, but anyway. Thoughts:

brief reviews and voting intentions )
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I'm really enjoying this thing with the Hugo voting where lots of people are reading the same stuff and talking about it. A lot of the time I'm jealous of people who are fans of TV series, because they have a much better chance than book fans of all their friends consuming the same media as them at the same time and wanting to talk about it. So with Worldcon coming to England, I'm getting a little taste of that.

It's especially fun to see excitement about Ancillary Justice spreading like contagion through my circles. I don't think it's the Greatest Book Evar!!! but it's really innovative and I think it's very well worthy of an award. I particularly enjoyed [personal profile] legionseagle's analysis; yes, it has something to say about gender, but it's really exciting in what it's doing with class and empire and real, solid politics. Also, I found this interview with Leckie immensely endearing.

Anyway, I'm working my way through the Hugo packet, so here I am joining in the conversation with comments on the short story and novellette slates. rankings and comments )


Jul. 4th, 2014 11:32 am
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OK, 15 year out of date Buffyfeels, so maybe everybody else has already had this conversation in comprehensive detail. Anyway, [personal profile] jack and I have been watching Buffy the vampire slayer very, very slowly, at the rate of one episode every time we have an hour or so free, which works out at as every couple of months. We're about midway through S2, and recently reached the infamous double episode at 13-14, which Wiki says is titled Surprise / Innocence.

The whole point of this post is to discuss the big reveal in that double episode so if there's anyone left on earth who cares enough about Buffy to want to see S2 but hasn't already seen it, then this is going to be spoilery. technically spoilers, but mostly rant )

So, in conclusion, if you are in love with someone who has mostly benign intentions, but is suffering under a curse which means he's fated to hurt you badly sooner or later, it's not going to end well. And the cursed person is culpable for pursuing the relationship and not being completely honest about the nature of the curse, not you for falling in love with him. You might think this is only relevant to fantasy TV shows, but it's true in real life too.
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This relationship has brought a whole bunch of new experiences. One of them has been watching a TV show for more or less the first time since I left home in 1997. Lovely [ profile] cartesiandaemon sat me down and showed me episodes of Firefly, and I am completely bowled over by it. Now I finally understand why people want to form communities around squeeing and analysing and creating fanworks and being outraged when the show is cancelled prematurely.

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Anyway, I've only watched as far as Jaynestown (watching in story order, not broadcast order), so please don't spoil me for any episodes after that.


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