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Have some happy international women:

blended faces of women from different parts of the world

And one more, from the awesome Jacky Fleming:

happy girl in a too-large feminist t-shirt leaps up exclaiming never give up

Afraid I don't have anything more profound to say than that. If I think of something, I'll edit the post!
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I have several long thinky posts in my head, but also things to do apart from posting to LJ. But just a note to remind me so I don't forget to talk about:
  • Religion and science
  • Gathering together some of the discussion about Narnia and the problem of Susan
  • I don't really have a short title for this, but I want to talk about how Aboriginal culture was presented to me when I was in Australia and how I feel about that and the implications for race relations. It's going to be tricky to talk about without offending people too, and my ideas are hazy anyway.
  • News update on all the people I saw on my trip

    And since there isn't much content to this post, have a link to the most inappropriate advert ever (and yes, it's genuine, not a parody). Thanks to [ profile] dot_cattiness.
  • Dragon!

    Jul. 22nd, 2005 11:08 pm
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    One of the things about Dundee is that the population density of dragons is unexpectedly high. If we are going to be pedantic, most of them are technically wyverns (being two-legged rather than four-legged), but anyway.

    The most prominent is a bronze statue about 6 feet tall which stands in the middle of the town centre. I took a photo of it while I was wandering around Dundee after my graduation, and then I played with the photo in Photoshop and came up with this, which I'm quite proud of:

    here be dragons! )

    Proper respectable graduation photos will happen at some point, probably after I'm back; I got distracted playing with this silly one.

    While I'm at it, let me plug my review of The sparrow; I know several people on my flist have read it so I'm hoping for some discussion.


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