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I am doing a job that's both fiddly and intimidating, and I'm forcing myself to concentrate in very small chunks. So I would be most grateful if you'd join me in playing a silly game. I believe [personal profile] ceb invented this, and titled it pessimized twenty questions.

I'm thinking of something. In order to find out what it is, instead of asking yes/no questions as in traditional twenty questions, you are only allowed to ask me what my something is like. I will answer either: yes, it's a bit like what you guessed, or: no, it's more like French toast. I have to be honest, but I don't have to tell you in what way my thing is more like your thing or more like French toast. If you get a yes, your guess replaces French toast as the comparison object.

Like this:
Me: I'm thinking of something
Player: Is it like Guess1?
Me: No, it's more like French toast
Player: Is it like Guess2?
Me: Yes, it's a bit like Guess2.
Player: Is it like Guess3?
Me: No, it's more like Guess2.
Player: Is it like Guess4?
Me: Yes, it's more like Guess4 than Guess2.

Guesses should in general be specific things rather than categories of things. Eg "Is it like a tiger?" or "Is it like Cate Blanchett?" are legitimate questions, but "Is it like an animal?" or "Is it like a celebrity?" belong in trad twenty questions, not in the pessimized analogy version. And if you ask "Is it like [the thing I originally thought of]" then you win and you can think of something and lead the next round.

(I'm wondering if we can take advantage of threaded comments to make triangulating on the answer non-linear, but that's probably too complicated.)

I'll start the first round in the first comment, to make it easier to read if the game works and we want to try further rounds.
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So first of all there was Dumb ways to die, an incredibly morbid yet strangely cute transport safety video that went viral. Then [ profile] rysmiel pointed me to Cool things to find which is, um, a Mars Rover / safety video mashup, I guess? with added surreality.

Then some friends in a locked post started writing DWTD verses on a Biblical theme. My best attempt was:
Offer incense when you've had a skinful
Encourage your neighbours to be sinful
Disobey your parents and refuse to change
Get caught in Saul's spear-throwing range

Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die
Bible ways to die, so many dumb ways to die...
But it turns out this kind of thing is strangely addictive, I've written half a dozen other ridiculous Biblical death couplets since I saw the post; I almost can't help myself.

So there you go. Of all the unlikely crossovers, Bible with horribly morbid safety PSA must rank pretty highly. (In case anyone hasn't seen it yet, when I say the original DWTD is morbid, I am really not joking. It's about the same style of humour as the Darwin Awards, and the fact that all the characters in it are adorable cartoons doesn't entirely detract from that.)

Cool things to find is already subtitled. If you particularly want the words to the original DWTD, there's a karaoke version...
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A lot of people have objected to the decade meme on the grounds that the new decade should begin in 2011, not 2010. I like pedantry as much as the next person, but this feels a little gratuitous. Fair enough, the Third Millennium really began on January 1st 2001 (or some time in March 1997, if we're going to take things to extremes). But in my lexicon, a decade is simply a period of ten years. There's no good reason to restrict its meaning to the specific period from Jan 1st --x1 to December 31st --y0. But numbers ending in zero feel significant to our pattern recognizing brains, so the beginning of 2010 seems like a good time for a little reflection.

The other objection is to do with decades in the sociological sense. Does 2010 belong to the aughts or the teens? Well, for one thing it's too soon to tell, and for another, decade in that sense is a completely arbitrary division anyway. There's no specific date when we can definitely say, this is when the sixties began, it was a gradual transition some time between 1959 and 1961. Maybe the date of some significant cultural event, but those tend not to coincide with days when we switch over calendars. I feel, for fairly obvious reasons, that the world changed a lot more in 2001 than it did in 2000, but on a simple linguistic level, calling 2000 part of the "nineties" feels slightly off.

In conclusion, I say it's a decade, and I say fie on all the spurious objections.
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I appear to have run out of sense. I managed to get into an Internet Argument. About Christianity and abortion. With someone I have promised myself not to argue with, and an anonymous and apparently hardline Christian. And got so agitated about it that I didn't get any work done, and gave up in disgust and left my book and my mobile phone at work.

I think the only thing that will cheer me up is a contest between ridiculously cute naked people. You see, [ profile] rysmiel pointed me to the most adorable strip-tease ever, to the accompaniment of a ridiculously catchy song. But then [ profile] lisekit posted a video of a bunch of naked people being very silly, and I started to doubt if that isn't in fact even more adorable. Both links involve videos of people taking their clothes off while playing music; if your workplace can put up with that on the technicality that you don't actually see any naughty bits, then I suppose theoretically they are SFW. Only, you know, not very.

[Poll #1225129]


Jun. 16th, 2008 08:52 am
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For [ profile] cartesiandaemon who blogged about it and [ profile] redaloud whose curiosity was piqued:

worksafe Amsterdam public art )
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There aren't very many false friends in Swedish. Or at least, few that aren't transparent with a knowledge of Scots and German. But most English speakers take a while to get past the initial shock of seeing SLUT written everywhere in large letters. In fact, it simply means end (and is pronounced to rhyme with shoot, not with shut).

examples, some of which are naughty )

Anyway, the point of this is that my inner eight-year-old found this banner disproportionately hilarious; it's a combination of the unfortunate to an English speaker URL with the picture of someone's bum that set me off. (The website is actually a directory of builders and handymen, if you're curious.) So I'm posting about it for the delectation of anyone else who happens to find this kind of childish stuff amusing...
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you will not be surprised to learn that sex is mentioned under the cut )

New food

Apr. 7th, 2007 10:01 pm
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I am back in Sweden. [ profile] doseybat is here, and we have been trying new and interesting food. Baby kiwis! Giant hairy lychees! Also some exciting pink and healthy stuff which Wikipedia hasn't heard of and Google has barely heard of. After some effort, we traced its origin to Korea via Belgium, meaning that most of the available information is in Dutch (that is to say, Flemish).

A machine translation informed us:
A family member of the germ of the red patches, with a beautiful rose-pink colouring and a soft, sweet patch taste.
Can anyone guess what this might be referring to?

no peeking at the solution )
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So, you know that old joke about How do hedgehogs make love? Well, cut for (somewhat im-)mature content )


Aug. 7th, 2005 12:18 am
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Today I lost my Punvezna'f Tnzr virginity. Lots of other exciting things happened too which I will write about later.
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So when I found my Amélie icon, [ profile] catwithclaws pointed me to a whole collection of alternatives. I hated nearly all of them, except one by [ profile] sevenages. So the question is, should I change over to this one?

The advantage of the icon I have at the moment is that it's most delightfully mischievous, and it looks like an icon, rather than a random 100x100 crop from a film still. The advantage of the alternative is that Amélie is drinking tea and I definitely need more tea references for my journal. And it's more original in a way.

And I can't decide between them. Yeah, I could have both, but then I'd have this dilemma every time I wanted to make a post! Solution: post a poll and obey the will of the majority.

[Poll #503221]Today is the 36th day, making 5 complete weeks and one day of the Omer
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This is based on an idea I got from [ profile] jpallan. It's a bit like one of those memes where the poster gives everyone compliments, only in reverse: you get to pick your own compliment! Radios, not ticky boxes, cos I'm mean like that.

I may or may not actually tell you whether you're right, and I may or may not get round to writing more individualized and specific compliments. I do genuinely like all of you though; I don't have anyone on my friends list who isn't there for some reason!

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So I started my journal exactly two years ago today. Since then excessively nerdy stats )

So all these words, and all the time I've spent on LJ (perhaps luckily, there is no automatic way of measuring how many hours this site has absorbed!) have done me more good than the statistics can ever reveal. I've made really good friends on LJ, and met several people who are on the way to being friends. And it's let me stay involved in the lives of people who are very important to me in ways that would have been completely impossible without LJ. It's let me get to know people who would otherwise have stayed casual acquaintances, and keep in touch with far more people from various stages of my life than I'd ever have managed by email. I've learnt a whole lot about all kinds of topics, and it's been a source of instant entertainment when I'm bored, and instant comfort when I'm down. Plus, it was a major, major factor in preserving my sanity while I was writing up. Much love and gratitude to all you guys.

Conclusion: I love LJ more than I could ever have imagined. I'm extremely grateful to [ profile] darcydodo who talked me into getting an account. In fact, while we're on the subject of anniversaries and [ profile] darcydodo, today is also her 25th birthday, so many happy returns to her!

Today is the 28th day, making four complete weeks of the Omer.


May. 10th, 2005 06:19 pm
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I have discovered that the username [ profile] ewe was recently returned to the pool of available names. I'm really quite tempted to change to that, so I need you guys to help me make the decision. (Good usernames don't hang around very long, so if I wanted it, I'd have to act fairly fast.)

reasons for and against )
[Poll #491216]


Jan. 19th, 2005 05:04 pm
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So [ profile] blackherring wants some assistance from people knowledgeable about Christianity and Christian scholarship. And since there are more such people on my flist than hers, I thought I'd point some of you towards her request.
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Our new robot overlords is love

Colourbar thanks to the ever-wonderful [ profile] rho. Bouncing bunny userpic variant thanks to the equally wonderful [ profile] wyntarvox.

If you follow the colourbar link, you know as much as I do.
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On 13th October 2003, to [ profile] livredor a new blogchild. Welcome to the LJ world, [ profile] lethargic_man

Because it amuses me to mess with the implications of defining my bf as my memetic child. On that note, while I'm generally in the habit of writing a little introductory piece on the subject of why a new LJ person is cool, it's not considered good form to keep on about how cool one's boyfriend is. But anyway, here he is at last! And those of my friends who haven't yet met him should all be introduced. Thanks to everybody who helped persuade him that LJ is a good thing.

Now I'm getting very close to the stage where I can give up socializing altogether and just hang out here. Still need to entice J, EM and maybe a couple of others. *cackles*


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