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Jan. 15th, 2009 10:30 pm
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So today I was sitting in the office, working late because my boss emailed me in the middle of this afternoon asking for a report that has to be finished by Monday *sigh* And I got stuck on phrasing and procrastinated by glancing at my friends page, and caught [ profile] compilerbitch's post that there was about to be a major press announcement from NASA. So I watched it, live video from the American space research people right there on my desk at work... announcing that they've found organics on Mars!!!!

Then I was squeeing about it to [ profile] hatam_soferet by IM, and she quickly made me an icon to celebrate. I have been thinking for a while that I need an icon for joy and celebration, and I think this fits very well. And I came home and fed my over-excited inner 8-year-old burgers and macaroni and ketchup, and now I'm posting to my blog to share the squee with all of you. Tomorrow I shall download the original paper from an electronic library I have access to at work, just for the sake of being a distant witness to history.

I like being grownup in the future.
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It's started snowing again, more or less continuously for the past couple of days, so my world is all white and pretty again.

There is (currently confidential, for good and not excluding reasons) squee in the life of a good friend right now.

And best of all: I have tickets for the Levellers gig next month!


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