May. 5th, 2005 03:33 pm
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I'm seeing fragmented bits of a really interesting discussion going on on different bits of my friends list, and it's frustrating me because I think all these bits should be linked together. So:

[ profile] rho posted a really interesting essay on using the maths from quantum physics as a metaphor for gender. This is going to make most sense to people who have a fairly advanced grasp of both maths and gender theory, so [ profile] compilerbitch, if you're reading, you should go and have a look at it. Plus, I think you and [ profile] rho might well get on, so I'm taking this opportunity to introduce you, in case you haven't met.

[ profile] redbird saw it, and started some related discussion in her journal. Since [ profile] rho commented to that discussion, I assume [ profile] rho has seen it, but anyone else might go to [ profile] rho's journal but not see the continuation of the discussion.

Then [ profile] rysmiel came up with a systems programmer's take on the concept, again giving rise to some interesting discussion. [ profile] rho, I'm not at all sure whether you've seen [ profile] rysmiel's post and I think you might well appreciate it. New perspectives, anyway.

Times like this, you really wish LJ had trackback. Anyway, if anyone else reads this and finds this kind of thing interesting to play with, I hope you'll follow the different bits of this around. And bring it to the attention of anyone you know who might also enjoy it; I can think of a few people who might, but whom I don't know well enough to be sure. Plus, if there are any fun follow-ups in bits of LJ I don't see, please let me know so I can add them to the post.
Meanwhile, I have reviewed Gore Vidal's novelized biography of Julian. Like [ profile] shreena I have refrained from killing my mother. I went out last night to celebrate S&S getting their PhDs. I shall miss them, SC especially. My viva is on Monday (please don't wish me luck; I don't think it's a luck issue.)

I may expand on these items when things are less fraught, since the combination of the maternal visit with the imminent viva means I don't have a lot of LJ time.

Today is the 11th day, making one week and four days of the Omer
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