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That was a much more partyish weekend than I usually manage, and besides, I managed to see all three of my siblings (though more consecutively than together). Yay for being unemployed and in the same country as lots of cool people!

I planned a "date" with [personal profile] jack for Thursday, because we were rather busy touristing on 15 Av, the Jewish equivalent of Valentines Day. I had various medical appointments in the morning, which all went extremely smoothly apart from the bit where the GP got some mental arithmetic incorrect and wrote me a prescription for an implausible number of pills. The pharmacy quite rightly isn't allowed to guess what the doctor probably meant, and she was too busy for them to get hold of her to confirm that she meant an integer number of packs and not a fractional number. So it was fortunate that our plans for the day were flexible, as I didn't make it to Cambridge until a bit later than I'd hoped.

We decided to go to Ely, as it's easily accessible from Cambridge (even during a partial train strike), and I think it's pretty and romantic. Though [personal profile] jack had been unlucky with the weather in the past and reached the conclusion that it is "dour", so part of the aim was to change his opinion. Ely was in fact obligingly sunny, so we sat by the river and had a picnic lunch, and walked a little through pretty fenland landscape, and visited the cathedral which is really quite amazing in sunlight. The choir were practising Evensong when we arrived, so that added to the ambience with real church music but without making us feel awkward for touristing during an actual service. Ended up in the Carlton in the evening, where there were some excellent discussions and lots of lovely people.

I had a fairly quiet day on Friday, taking the opportunity to spend some time catching up with [personal profile] pseudomonas. Shul on Saturday morning, for catching up with old friends and eating a celebratory kiddush catered by the deli which is local to us. Then I met up with [personal profile] jack and we headed to the warming of P'tite Soeur's exciting new house in Brighton.

As usual with my sister hosting, this turned out to be an excellent occasion. She made an astonishing range of dips, and her housemate made cocktails (mostly Pimms and mojitos). There were a bunch of Persegirls there, and some others who have known P'tite Soeur forever, not to mention me and Screwy, and this set mixed surprisingly well with her more recent Brighton friends and her housemate's friends (most of whom are at least vaguely connected with Screwy's social circles anyway). It was definitely less geeky than the kind of parties [personal profile] jack and I feel most comfortable in, but we still had a great time, and I would like to record that it was my non-geeky sister who brought Latin dictionaries into the party!

P'tite Soeur gave us some truly excellent directions, which got us from the station to her house, and from her place to Screwy's where we were staying the night, wandering across the valley at about 1 am. Getting up Sunday morning was a somewhat slow and painful process, especially as Screwy had gone clubbing after the party was winding down. But we finally made it to a decent little Brighton pub, the Eddy, which has football screens but also incredibly tasty food and friendly staff and a generally indie vibe. They coped admirably with 11 of us showing up mid-afternoon hungry for Sunday lunch.

By the time we made it to [ profile] miriammoules' we were somewhat late, but it was fun to actually meet her in person, and to hear a bit of a lecture on Barbie and Classics from someone who I gather is [ profile] the_lady_lily. She's taking a paper on Ovid to a big Classics conference in LA next year, which I think means I should introduce her to [ profile] darcydodo. Also [ profile] miriammoules made ridiculously wonderful chocolate brownie and trifle, wow.

Ended up in the Pembury as planned, where I got to see lots of lovely people including [ profile] doseybat, [ profile] ewtikins, and to my slight bafflement, [ profile] numberland with her entourage. Also [ profile] psych0naut taught me a board game called Ingenious, which is not that complicated, but slightly breaks my intuition for colour matching type board games in ways that made it interesting. Shame not to see [ profile] timeplease or [personal profile] khalinche, but at least I'm not disappearing to furrin parts for months so hopefully there will be other opportunities. And Thuggish Poet showed up with his SO and their housemate, and made conversation even more interesting. Also, there was Duchesse de Bourgogne on tap and I found myself drinking cider and mead as well, though I was sensible and also ordered many large, Pemburyish cups of tea and a bottle of ginger beer.

I have never actually managed to be in the Pembury at the same time as my brother before, even though he lives just round the corner. So it was very exciting to see him, and even more so to stay over in his lovely flat so we could continue chatting last night and this morning. He was being interesting on the subject of the English Civil War, and pedagogy, and such. He is also getting into the poetry scene locally, so I hope I'll be able to visit in the next couple of weeks to attend a gig he's involved in. North London is really considerably easier than Brighton for that!

I took the first step on the way to looking grown-up and respectable today, when I acquired new glasses. My first new ones in 10 years, and I decided to be radical and go for a change of style rather than trying to find the closest match to what I'm used to. The next step probably ought to be a haircut, but I really hate doing that. We'll see.
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