Mar. 23rd, 2010

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Wow, doing the friending meme is proving an amazing experience! Nearly 1200 comments at the last count, and I know I can't take personal credit for that, but I'm still incredibly excited about all these cool people starting conversations right here in my journal.

I'm way behind in reading through the comments, looking for people to add, and leaving notes to say that I've done so, but I've already discovered some really fascinating people and journals. And lots and lots of people have subscribed to read my own blatherings. (I don't know how many because I'm so overwhelmed I haven't even had time to count the subscribers!) A very warm welcome to all of you. By the way, I won't at all feel offended if after a few weeks you decide I'm not really your cup of tea after all; it's always open season on subscribing or unsubscribing here.

more thoughts about the influx )

Also I'm having so much fun looking at my Google stats. It's like the whole world is lit up green with all these people looking at my little journal...


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