Jun. 6th, 2010


Jun. 6th, 2010 05:21 pm
liv: In English: My fandom is text obsessed / In Hebrew: These are the words (words)
So my local community don't quite have the confidence or the skills to run Saturday morning services. I planned a trial Saturday morning service for this weekend, and got some students involved. And it went really well; the first time they've had a normal Shabbat service in over a decade, maybe several decades (I got somewhat mixed reports). But anyway, we had a good turnout and everything went smoothly, and I managed to give people chances to be called up to the Torah and otherwise take active parts in the service, when it was a pretty big deal for them for various reasons.

There seemed to be general enthusiasm for trying to make this a regular event; I'm thinking once a term or possibly once a month if I'm feeling ambitious. And nobody was offended by my doing part of the service in English, or reading the Torah Ezra-style with a running translation (ably assisted by AF). So yes, generally successful.

Just for contrast, I spent this afternoon at a performance of The Merchant of Venice. review of the performance, and thoughts )

I don't think I'm going to make a habit of seeking out performances of The Merchant of Venice, but I'm glad I saw this one, which was of a very good quality for a student production. It's only a shame that the cast nearly outnumbered the audience; I hope they had a better turnout for other performances in the run.


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