Sep. 14th, 2012

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My community is wonderful in many ways, but the big problem we have is that there is no overlap between people who know the traditional tunes and people who have musical ability. Me, I have a pretty good knowledge of various different liturgical styles, but since I can't hold a tune*. I have no sensible way of giving anybody else access to the knowledge that's in my head. The community is kind of Orthodox-ish, at least in tradition, so they don't really want to use instrumental or recorded music during most services.

It's a bit depressing to go through the High Holy Days with no singing at all; having even a little bit of music can make a big difference to how emotionally effective the liturgy is. So I'm trying to find stuff online that the singers among the community can learn from. I would like to focus on a couple of piyyutim and big set pieces that people can sing effectively as "hymns", even though that's not the most traditional approach. Nusach would be lovely, but it's also not happening because we have a further lack of overlap between people who can read Hebrew and people who can sing.

My searches have found quite a lot of material, but none of it's exactly what I'm hoping for. So I'm asking if anyone happens to know of a resource better than what I can find by searching. Or even if anyone is better at doing very specific internet searches in Hebrew than I am, that might help as well. I'm looking for audio files that people can learn from even if they're not particularly skilled singers or particularly well versed in Jewish musical traditions. So for example, a lot of what I've come across is either chazzanut with lots of fancy ornamentation, or it's Carlebach-style almost polyphonic. I would like something with a single, clear melodic line. Preferably something that will not sound too weird to a European, Orthodox, Ashkenazi community (rather than Israeli music or American Reform stuff or Chassidic style), though I admit the chances of actually resurrecting the community's traditional tunes that people remember from childhood but can't sing any more are fairly remote.

Particular wish list:
  • The extended Kedusha as used on the festivals
  • יגדל (the festival tune)
  • אבינו מלכנו (we at least know the final line, but not the rest of it)
  • The piyyut כי הנה כחמר since this town was built around the pottery trade, so it ought to be our theme song.

    *No, seriously, I can't. And yes, I have tried to learn, over many years and with many different approaches, I just can't reliably sing in tune.
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