Jan. 23rd, 2013

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Of the 1500 posts I've made over the past 10 years, I had no inkling that yesterday's rant about the PhD system would be the one to get passed round all over the internet. Welcome, regular readers and people who came here via links. Especially the Hacker News crowd; I imagine you're probably the reason why this is suddenly my most popular post ever.

Thank you for responding so constructively, whether or not you agree with my rather bleak slant on things. I think there are things seriously wrong with academia and particularly the PhD system, but my emotions about it are not always as negative as they have been this week. I don't promise I'm going to be able to answer every one of the hundred plus comments I've received, but every one contributes something to the discussion.

I am completely frozen up at the prospect of trying to come up with something interesting enough to make a follow-up post while the wider internet is paying attention. So I think I'll just carry on with the random mix of trivial and more thoughtful things I post here. Feel free to check out some of my tags – the thinky stuff is usually under essay and discussion.
ETA: wow, it's ridiculously difficult in 2013 to find a list of sites that link to a particular post. At least 300 Tweets, though.


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