Mar. 27th, 2013

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There's a meme where someone assigns you an age, and you answer some questions about what you were doing at that age. I got it from [ profile] bugshaw who asked me about age 24.

My birthday is right at the end of the calendar year, so I was 24 pretty much exactly for the year of 2003. 2003 was probably the least memorable year of my life, in many ways. I was right in the middle of a PhD, which meant it was neither a great exciting novelty nor a terrible panic of trying to finish. It's the year I joined LJ, but I hadn't yet started doing the end-of-year summaries. When I summarized 2003 when people were reflecting on the first decade of the millennium, I said:
I swapped commuting to Oxford for commuting to London where my bf lived, and Sheffield where Screwy was going through rehab. Though pseudomonas was in Edinburgh, so I was able to see quite a bit of him. lethargic_man and I did manage to take advantage of the long distance thing by meeting in random cities in the middle and doing some tourism. I also travelled to the US twice: California in January for a post-breakup visit with darcydodo where we cried a lot, but made sure of staying friends in the long term. Then in September for hatam_soferet's wedding and my first taste of New York. lethargic_man introduced me to rysmiel and we got on extremely well, both via correspondence and LJ and when rysmiel happened to be visiting Scotland.

My PhD fell apart a little bit; I lost my sense of focus, and had what could have been a major paper scooped, and got into an emotionally awkward situation with my co-supervisor. The university pastoral services and my overall boss between them were very good at sorting things out, but I've been plagued by the procrastination beast ever since.
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If you would like an age, do comment! If you don't give me any indication of how old you are now, I might unintentionally suggest an age you haven't reached yet, but you're welcome to answer for how you imagine your life might be at that age if you want to. You totally don't have to tell me your age if you don't want to, though; giving me an upper bound is fine to avoid this problem.


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