Sep. 11th, 2013

Not enough

Sep. 11th, 2013 04:18 pm
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A few months ago, just before I got very busy and then went away, several people made locked posts discussing the issue of not having enough capacity to address all possible problems in the world. This connects to a bunch of stuff that I've been thinking and reading about lately, and I am particularly interested in the question of how to interact productively with people who have different priorities. Also a lot of issues to do with intersectionality seem to be very relevant here. I will try to keep this post moderately focused but I'm rather at the swirling ideas stage of thinking about this.

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The thing is that in order to avoid these pitfalls, activists have to be able to engage with people who support and are knowledgeable about other, perhaps conflicting causes. So the discussion I want to have is, what's the best way to connect to causes that you personally are not committed to, don't have room in your life or abilities to be committed to? Is there any way to achieve this without just devolving into everybody yelling at everybody else for not being (sufficiently or at all) on the side of good? I note that I'm presuming goodwill here; there is always backlash, there are people who are actively trying to undermine any given worthwhile cause as opposed to not happening to be involved in supporting it. I'm not really talking about how to deal with that sort of actual malice. But I would very much welcome any thoughts.

And thank you to the people who have been having interesting conversations about these issues; I'm not acknowledging you by name because I want to respect the choice to restrict access to your take on potentially controversial discussions.


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