Nov. 4th, 2013

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Had the most brilliant weekend, after a bad start with travel woes Friday evening. Saturday I got to spend some time with [personal profile] jack and we made progress on our long-term anti-geography plan. And then we went to a really nice housewarming party at [ profile] sonicdrift and [ profile] mobbsy's absolutely gorgeous amazing new place. That was full of people I really like, and extremely excellent food, and everybody was gratifyingly enthusiastic about my plans to spend more time in Cambridge in the future.

And Sunday was the Cambridge Limmud, which was my main reason for being in town. Cambridge Limmud has a kind of ongoing dispute with the national organization because they tend to create a programme which is what the org considers "too intellectual". Not surprisingly I love having a very academic-y programme, and the huge advantage Cambridge has is that the committee, being mostly university people, are extremely well connected and in a position to pull strings and invite some really impressive speakers. [ profile] ewx asked me if [personal profile] lethargic_man was going to be there because LM's Limmud write-ups are always really interesting, which reminded me that I should probably put up some notes of the cool stuff I learned.

mostly ended up being about identity )

Apologies if that's either too technical or too simplified! I'm happy to explain anything that isn't clear in these rather sparse notes.


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