Dec. 18th, 2013

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I am absolutely in love with [personal profile] kaberett's Daily December meme! I'm really enjoying seeing it spread through all the different bits of my social circle. It's been a really excellent way to continue to keep people who did things like NaBloPoMo or Clovember in the conversation after November ends. And it's led to some absolutely fascinating posts and conversations as well as doing marvels for the pure activity volume round here.

I missed Daily December because by the time I'd realized just how brilliant it was it was already some way into the month. In any case I'm a lot lot lot less busy in January than I have been in December, so I'm going to timeshift it and do a January version instead. I can't come up with any very good alliterations, because words related to jour have more or less lost the sense of "daily" in modern English, though daily record is the literal meaning of journal.

This is, by the way, the first time I've attempted a daily posting meme in the decade+ I've kept this "journal". I think, looking at January 2014, it's going to be doable, if I use some of the Xmas break to bank some posts in advance. So, as [personal profile] kaberett so wisely suggested, pick a day and tell me what you'd like me to write about.

I'll take any topic, any level of detail, whatever you feel like reading about. Just a title is fine, a paragraph of explanation of exactly what sort of issues you want discussed is fine. Questions, prompts, whatever you like. And I'm happy for prompts / requests from people I know well or total strangers or anybody in between. If you're the first to claim a day, I'll write for you. I think for a daily meme it'd be prudent to stick to prose; I'm far too slow at poetry to be able to keep up if people ask for verse. And if I don't manage to fill your "day" I'll come back and answer the prompt as soon as I can after January ends.

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