Feb. 5th, 2015

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The less geeky side of the FB crowd are discovering sharing memes just like we used to on LJ back in the early 2000s. It's very cute. But somehow, even doing a fun silly meme on FB feels unpleasant to me, a bit like trying to socialize in a skeevy noisy bar, where you can't hear conversations properly and you're always looking over your shoulder in case the aggression spills over.

So I'm pleased this list things beginning with a letter meme has shifted back to DW, where I feel like this kind of thing spiritually belongs, and anyway I feel lots more comfortable. [personal profile] pseudomonas gave me an A:

mememe )

Please comment if you'd like a letter. I don't promise to have a really robust randomizing method, but I don't suppose you care whether your letter is chosen at random or not.
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So I have loved this bit of Heine, which is quoted in our prayer book, for many many years. And I've looked a couple of times for the original and never found it, mainly because I don't have good enough German to come up with plausible search terms (and anyway didn't know how close the translation we have was).

So anyway, the other day I asked [personal profile] kaberett, who speaks German well and knows poetry, and they found me the original! I'm reposting it here mainly because the site with the text is broken in weird ways and nearly impossible to link to directly. So now if I want to refer to it, I can find it:
Wenn der Frühling kommt mit dem Sonnenschein,
Dann knospen und blühen die Blümlein auf;
Wenn der Mond beginnt seinen Strahlenlauf,
Dann schwimmen die Sternlein hintendrein;
Wenn der Sänger zwei süße Äuglein sieht,
Dann quellen ihm Lieder aus tiefem Gemüt; -
Doch Lieder und Sterne und Blümelein,
Und Äuglein und Mondglanz und Sonnenschein,
Wie sehr das Zeug auch gefällt,
So macht's doch noch lang keine Welt.


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