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Wow, doing the friending meme is proving an amazing experience! Nearly 1200 comments at the last count, and I know I can't take personal credit for that, but I'm still incredibly excited about all these cool people starting conversations right here in my journal.

I'm way behind in reading through the comments, looking for people to add, and leaving notes to say that I've done so, but I've already discovered some really fascinating people and journals. And lots and lots of people have subscribed to read my own blatherings. (I don't know how many because I'm so overwhelmed I haven't even had time to count the subscribers!) A very warm welcome to all of you. By the way, I won't at all feel offended if after a few weeks you decide I'm not really your cup of tea after all; it's always open season on subscribing or unsubscribing here.

One thing that really stood out to me looking over the comments is how many people define themselves as cis-sexual. I think that says something really positive about the general attitude here at DW, that people are so aware of these questions. I am in fact cis myself, but I didn't think to say so as like many cis people I don't regard that as key to my identity. (I'm also white, female and bisexual, but I don't see those as the most important categories either.)

The other consequence that happened was that I decided to follow up by posting something controversial about feminism. I didn't quite know what to expect, putting out such political stuff in front of a few dozen total strangers as opposed to my usual audience of people I either know or have second-degree connections to. I considered the possibility that some people would call me a manhating feminazi or other backlashy things, though given the general atmosphere at DW I didn't think that very likely. And in fact everybody posted really supportive comments, so thank you for justifying my leap of faith.

The thing is, though, that I was talking about a topic that is controversial among feminists, not just contentious between feminists and non-feminists. My post was in fact about that very controversy and how I want to have a feminist discussion about it, without a lot of anger and misery and people coming away feeling that their personal choices are being attacked. What did in fact happen was that one person commented with something a bit carelessly phrased, and the discussion ended up heading a little bit in the direction of exactly the kind of online feminism discussions which so distress me. I don't think anyone meant any harm by it, it's just that with such a relatively large crowd of new people all disagreeing vehemently, though politely, with one person can feel like a pile-on.

This isn't intended as a criticism of anyone, it's just started me thinking about whether I am up to the task of curating / moderating a conversation on a larger scale than I've been used to. Assuming of course that this new exciting wider audience stick around! Oh well, it's all a learning curve, and I've always been an attention-seeking sort of blogger anyway.

Also I'm having so much fun looking at my Google stats. It's like the whole world is lit up green with all these people looking at my little journal...
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