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Date: 2011-07-29 01:17 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] liv
True about multiples, and there are other people who have several truly distinct personae, and for good reason. I'm generally not a huge fan of the "one person, one account" approach, I just think it's a better solution to the problem of spam and trolling than insisting on names that match a particular pattern. The separation of identities is supposed to be handled by the circles thing, but I agree circles are really not adequate for that, especially if there's any kind of serious safety issue involved.

I agree that many people have perfectly real names that don't meet Google's current absurd "real name" standards. Chisel, Chuck and Liv are absolutely all real names, and I wish Google would acknowledge them as such. In both the UK and the US, and from what I've picked up from skimming internet discussions, across the EU as well, it's perfectly legal to have a common law name different from what's on your birth certificate. You can use it in court, you can use it for financial transactions, whatever. You don't need to go through any formal name-change process; people choose to do that for convenience, but they aren't obliged to.

Personally, if I ruled Google+, I would allow whatever pseudonyms people wanted to choose, possibly excluding strings that were obviously obscene or offensive. (You'd have to be careful how to implement the exclusions, as there are lots of people in the world called things like Porn or Wang.) But I do think there's a distinction between a pseudonym or net handle, and a real name that happens not to be identical to what's in official documentation. Again, near-impossible to enforce, but Google could potentially try for personal names rather than handles.

There are lots and lots of features that Google+ lacks that make DW obviously a better option! That was the stuff I avoided talking about because it's too much boring detail that people don't care about. But it starts from the ability to make inline links using <a href>, taking us back to a 1980s state of internet technology...
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