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Date: 2011-07-29 02:21 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jenett
Thanks for an excellent post. I've been frustrated by it too.

(I use a persistent pseudonym - Jenett or Jenett Silver - for personal, religious, and health related conversations online, and I have paid published work under that name. I use my legal name for professional conversations, and for people who've either known me since my teen years (or before) or through professional networking.)

I actually have a longer online history (in terms of meaningful content, and a lack of desire to lose it via being considered a troll) as Jenett.

I'd really like a system that would let me continue to use both. (And, these days, I'm even okay with linking them, as long as I have clear and precise control over that link not being casually available in public: it's easy to find out from locked posts in my DW account, for example, what my legal name is, because I cross-post my professional blog (which includes my resume, etc.) to DW under a lock.

But the bit I don't want is someone casually searching on my legal name and hitting the pseudonym, since a) I want to talk about my religion (a variety of Pagan) with people I work with first, rather than have them stumble on information out of context and b) I talk about some health related stuff that I do not want prejudicing employment, etc. (Even though, these days, it's all under pretty good control.)

(I was even more firm about point a when I was working in a high school setting - there are things students just don't need to know about me. As I move into a college setting, I'm a little less concerned about that, but who knows, I might want to go back to a high school setting some day.)
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