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Date: 2011-08-18 10:06 pm (UTC)
leora: a statue of a golden snake swallowing its own tail. (ouroboros)
From: [personal profile] leora
That seems problematic if the US works that way. I've been going by a name other than my birth certificate name since I was 15. However, I have to use the name on my paperwork in numerous instances, because while I have the right to use the name of my choosing, the system has several problems with letting me. I'd be happy to just use the name of my choosing, but my bank will only let me have an account under a name I can show a picture ID for if I want to be able to get the money back out again. This is a bit of an issue. I can't get a legal photo ID in my state in the name of my choosing (I hear you can do that easily in some states, but not in others). I'd need to go through the formal name-change process, which is expensive and time-consuming. So, I have one name socially and another name for legal use.

On a side note, I put my social name into Facebook, and some people who knew me from before my name switchover did find me anyway. But it probably helps that I keep my full legal first and middle name as middle names when giving my full chosen name. I do value the ability to be found. I have often put my names out there specifically so people I've lost touch with could find me. But I do that in places where I am okay with what they would find, so I use such places differently.

Also, G+ recently added games, including some Zynga ones.
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