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I feel really good about myself today. I got up early in time for a pre-session briefing at 8:30. I ran a really wide-ranging and thoughtful discussion about disability issues for the second years, and then delivered a triumph of a first year lecture.

It's a new lecture to me; after three years of only being allocated one lecture across the whole first and second year curriculum, I've picked up two new ones, as we're slightly under-staffed just now. And I kind of procrastinated about getting the thing written, and then I was a bit perfectionist about it rather than just ploughing on with it, and ended up finishing it rather close to the last minute on Sunday evening and then last thing yesterday. I had to leave a conference early to be able to get to a computer with genuine Powerpointâ„¢ (the Open Office version, Impress, is really inadequate for professional purposes, sadly) and finish off the last bits of formatting.

In the end, I got a lot of things right and got a positive response from a student group who have a bit of a rep for just staring blankly at lecturers. It wasn't the absolute gem of perfection I imagined when I took the lecture on, but I'm fairly confident I succeeded in making a complex subject comprehensible to students encountering it for the first time, and reasonably engaging. This reminds me that yes, I am good at this job. Though it would be better if it I didn't rely on being able to pull this kind of thing at the last minute!

Then I ran a subcommittee meeting about our Athena bid, and I was efficient and useful. One of the people on the subcommittee with me is very senior and really rather blunt, and she gave me some compliments which I treasure because I know she tells it like it is, and for various reasons isn't a great fan of me in general.

And having worked through lunch, I took advantage of the rare for the season good weather to go for my run this afternoon. I ran further than I have previously managed; it's definitely very nice to feel I'm making progress.

Of course, I still have loads of large and small urgent tasks on my list, whose deadline has already gone whooshing by. So even when I'm kicking butt at several quite challenging aspects of my job, I am still falling short in some ways. But that's kind of the nature of being an academic, and I think I get to feel proud of what I did do well regardless.
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