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So the daily December thing is doing the rounds again, and it's a completely great idea. Having a good proportion of my friends committing to daily posting makes DW and LJ hugely more fun. December is difficult because the first half is busy teaching time and the second half is completely disrupted routine with lots of family commitments, but what the hell.

Please do comment with requests for posts. They can be prompts or questions, anything from a single word up to a detailed description of how you'd like me to address a topic. You are welcome to ask for a particular date if you like, or else I'll just fit you in to the next empty day. And don't feel shy to ask for posts if you don't know me that well or you usually lurk, I'll happily take requests / prompts from strangers (and indeed from close friends and anybody in between). I'm also pretty open so (as long as it doesn't impact on other people's privacy) I'm happy to answer just about anything. And happy for you to suggest something outside my normal blogging comfort zone; if you want my random opinions on something I know little about, go ahead and ask, I can nearly always find something to say.

I think this is going to be good for me, cos I'm at a stage in my relationship with DW when I want to post but I'm not sure what to talk about. I mean, I had a really great weekend with friends, but you probably don't want to hear the detail of that. Or else there are "big" posts I want to make but I hesitate because I want to make sure I back up my argument with citations and write something polished, but of course I don't round to that sort of thing nearly often enough. And the discipline of posting every day means I just write down my thoughts off-the-cuff without worrying about stuff like that, which I think in fact leads to better blogging. Like that parable (I'm never sure if this an actual experiment that somebody did, or just a teaching story) about two groups of pottery students, one group asked to make the single best pot they possibly could, and the second group to make as many pots as possible, and the as many as possible group did better work.

For reference, here's what I came up with last time I did daily posting. I don't know if I'll end up with a whole 31 entirely new prompts, but if I don't I'll try to slot in some of the stuff I've been meaning to talk about, because it's better to post something than wait for the non-existent moment when I'll have time to make a post I'd think of as good.

I'm also finding it quite hard to think of prompts for everyone else; I will try to come to all your prompt posts before the start of December. And it's not that I don't find you interesting, it's that I am too interested and I can't just pick one thing to ask about!

December 1 – Awesome Talmud stories for [personal profile] jack
December 2 – Cambridge the town for [personal profile] watersword
December 3 – Favourite food memory for [personal profile] forestofglory
December 4 – Three non-Dreamwidth blogs for [personal profile] wildeabandon
December 5 – Homes for [personal profile] cjwatson
December 6 – Family traditions for [ profile] ghoti
December 7 – Music for [personal profile] angelofthenorth
December 8 – Work / family / social life balance for [personal profile] falena
December 9 – Colours for [personal profile] bugshaw
December 10 – Nobel prizes for [personal profile] vatine
December 11 – Favourite museum for [personal profile] ceb
December 12 – Favourite places outside the UK for [ profile] ghoti
December 13 – Poverty for [personal profile] ewt
December 14 – Board of Deputies for [personal profile] jack (and [personal profile] kerrypolka)
December 15 – Desert Island Discs for [personal profile] sfred
December 16 – Chanukah for [personal profile] kass
December 17 – Art for [personal profile] angelofthenorth
December 18 – A game I like for [ profile] ghoti
December 19 – Health at every size for [ profile] shreena
December 20 – More about transcription factors for [personal profile] lilacsigil
December 21 – Favourite pastries for [personal profile] syderia
December 22 – Media about British Jewish culture for [personal profile] randomling
December 23 – Drama for [personal profile] angelofthenorth
December 24 – Cool science for [personal profile] jack
December 25 – Commercialization of religious festivals for [personal profile] silveradept
December 26 – Seasonal music for [personal profile] ephemera
December 27 – Owls for [personal profile] jack
December 28 – Things that make me go hmmm for [personal profile] angelofthenorth
December 29 – Things ending, things beginning for [personal profile] silveradept
December 30 – Board games for [personal profile] jack
December 31 – Favourite moment of the month for [personal profile] zhelana
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