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[personal profile] wildeabandon asked: What are three non-dreamwidth blogs that you'd recommend?. The answer I gave [personal profile] zhelana when she asked me a similar question last year mostly still holds, though Pervocracy hasn't updated for yonks.

Lately I'm reading more blogs about various aspects of psychology and relationships. So one I'd recommend is Book of Jubilation. Coburn is one of the really amazing and insightful commenters on Captain Awkward, so when I found she had a blog where she explains things in long form, I was very keen indeed to follow it!

I also really like Rewriting the rules; Barker is just amazingly thoughtful about gender and sexuality and relationships, and I don't agree with them all the time but I really appreciate their measured, scholarly approach, their willingness to learn and change their ideas, while at the same time they just doggedly and gently push back about bad media stereotypes.

Along completely different lines, I thoroughly recommend harm·less drudg·ery. Stamper is an (American) lexicographer, and sometimes hilarious but more often just a bit bittersweet, and really passionately committed to communicating how dictionaries really work and how that's different from how internet rhetoricians try to treat them. She updates far more rarely than I'd like, but I'm always excited to see a new post from her. And her latest post on racial slurs in the dictionary is a stonker, though as is probably fairly obvious from context contains a number of examples of, well, racial slurs and discussion of the racist context in which such slurs exist.

Anyway, this is a short post, so let me take the time to say, I'm really really enjoying that so many people are doing some form of the December posting meme. I know it'll probably tail off as we run into obstacles; I'd be surprised myself if I actually manage to post every day this month. But the past few days of a high proportion of my reading list posting every day has been an amazing experience. The commitment to posting every day is really great because it encourages people (very much including me!) to post short, casual things rather than waiting until we have a polished Proper Blog Post.

I'm also really appreciating the ways people have come up with variations on the original daily meme, so that they're posting more often than they otherwise would, but at a level that's manageable. The filling prompts thing is really fascinating, too, because people are talking about stuff they wouldn't necessarily blog about in regular months. Another element I really like is the way some people have a stock question they've asked of several different friends, so different approaches to the question are coming up and it's all interesting and layered. It's true that having the general activity levels here (and on LJ) so much higher than usual can mean it doesn't feel like there's enough time to comment. I am trying to say something about all your really interesting DD posts, though!

If you are still seeking prompts, either if you didn't fill the whole month and want some additional ones, or if I didn't manage to get to your original prompt post and suggest something, please drop a link in the comments and I'll do another round of asking questions.

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