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Date: 2015-06-12 10:34 am (UTC)
liv: oil painting of seated nude with her back to the viewer (body)
From: [personal profile] liv
I agree it's asymmetrical between covering more out of respect, and exposing skin out of respect. I mean, I am pretty happy to cover up whenever I'm in a situation where that is the expected norm, I think that's part of the social contract. But there's only a very limited extent to which I'm prepared to expose more of my body for the sake of others. I'm not going to do it to the point where I feel embarrassed or unsafe, and I'm not going to put my body on display for strangers who feel entitled to it. (Like those EDL wankstains who tried to claim some kind of "right" to look at attractive women, which was being violated by Muslims who cover their hair and most of their skin; they were just wrong and I would in no way be willing to compromise to make them more comfortable.)

I am willing to shift a fraction in the direction of clothing that I would naturally choose in the absence of any religious considerations, because I want to make it clear to my friend that I'm not judging her for generally wearing more revealing clothing than I do. With a different friend, who is far more comfortable naked than clothed, I am happy to be naked in their company if we're indoors in a private place, but I'm not going to walk down the street naked even though they hold the political belief (and I agree) that people ought to be able to do that without repercussions. And I wouldn't insist on wearing clothing to a nude beach or in a sauna; I would decide whether I felt comfortable being naked, and if not, I just wouldn't go to those places where nakedness is the social norm.
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